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Top ways to incorporate herbs into your menu

Here in North America, herbs have commonly been used as a way to boost the taste of dishes when cutting down on sodium. But in the Mediterranean diet, the gold ...

Salvadonica Borgo del Chianti

Do you give herbs the respect they deserve?

When you cook, do you use herbs such as parsley and basil simply as a garnish to dress up your creations? If so, it’s time to give them the respect ...


Want to see these changes to nutrition labelling? Make your voice heard (Part 2)

In yesterday’s post, I highlighted Health Canada’s proposed changes to the nutrition labelling regulations involving sugar. But there is so much more great news to share about the proposals. Check ...



Charmoula Sauce – Enjoy your herbs for longer

If your garden is anything like mine, the herbs are abundant.  The ...
Barb Watson

Fresh Salmon Burgers

Here’s a very tasty omega-3-packed option for your Canada Day or July ...
No mercury worries with albacore tuna from the Pacific Northwest
Raincoast Trading

Tuna and Sliced Pepper Pasta Salad with a Light Ranch Dressing

Here’s a   lip-smacking change from sandwiches and  a  delicious way to meet ...

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Want to see these changes to nutrition labelling? Make your voice heard

There was a great deal of excitement here on Monday with the announcement  that Health Canada is proposing real change on the nutrition labelling front.  Before talking about the changes, it’s important to recognize that these are  only proposed changes.  The government has   launched a series of online public consultations to get input from various […]

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Richard Thomas

Moldy food facts: a little mold can’t hurt you – or can it?

It’s that time of year when a bounty of local produce at a farmer’s market can be mighty tempting indeed.  While upping your fruit and vegetable purchases is certainly a smart nutritional move, how often in your quest for healthy eating have you simply bought too much produce? The result can be an excess of  […]

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Liquid assets: what’s in your cup?

Temperature’s soaring and you’re fading fast. You’re obviously in need of  liquid refreshment but what do you reach for? From water and juices to  iced coffee, tea and  frozen offerings, the choices are endless. So what’s the cost of your preferred thirst quencher? If it’s full of sugar, accumulating research says it could be take […]

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Are you wearing sunscreen today? What’s your vitamin D status?

As you head outdoors this weekend, are you heeding the advice to wear sunscreen? If so, here’s a reminder that even though your skin may be exposed to the  intense summer sun’s rays, your production of the sunshine vitamin is being blocked.  So even if you’re outside basking in the sun, don’t forget your vitamin […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Fish oil supplements

  Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Linda Searle McCarthy  writes about how to decipher  labels on fish oil supplements. She says, “My husband came home with a different bottle of omega-3s than I usually get and in comparing the labels, I found more questions than answers. Webber Triple Strength Omega-3  says it has 1407 mg with […]

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Vote for John Oliver – He tells it like it is

Watch John Oliver’s take on Dr. Oz – it’s brilliant.  We need him in government!      

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5 top ways protein aids waist management

•    Protein boosts your metabolic rate In scientific terms, protein induces thermogenesis – a heating effect on the body.  Think of it as turning up your thermostat and burning more fuel. While all 3 macronutrients – protein, fat and carbohydrates – increase your calorie burning after you eat them, protein has the greatest impact.   This […]

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World Economic Forum

Top 4 ways Dr. Oz has hurt his fans

What’s the real cost of Dr. Oz’s antics?   Dr. Mehmet Oz, much to his surprise,  was put on hot seat this week  by  Senator Claire McCaskill in a hearing before the Senate subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance.  The senate panel has been investigating fraudulent activity by the  billion dollar  bogus weight […]

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