Low GI- lentils& chick peas or any kind of legume

Six easy ways to use your beans

Just using your beans once a day offers a significant pay off  in terms of heart disease risk.  It’s something we certainly don’t do nearly enough. Research published in the ...

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The top three things dietitians’ clients do wrong

Three common misconceptions  I  see regularly in my practice. Is your thinking wrong too? As a dietitian with a private nutrition counselling service, I’ve seen it all through my many ...

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What’s the best defense for your vision – food or supplements

As with so many ills, the risk of conditions which can rob you of your vision rises with increasing age. And up there at the top of the list is ...


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What do Passover and Easter have in common? Chocolate, of course!

What do Passover and Easter have in common? While Passover may seem ...
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Vegetable and Cheese Matzo Sandwich – delicious & nutritious

If you’re celebrating Passover next week, there may be many meat-centric meal ...

Greek Yogurt with Za’atar and Olive Oil

In the Middle East, strained yogurt is known as labneh. Together with ...

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Three top foods for protecting your vision

Now that spring is finally here, have you gone shopping for some brand new sunglasses? Are you vigilant about checking for their protection against UV light? Well, if you’re concerned about your peepers, then keep an eye on what you put on your plate. Accumulating research shows that enlightened eating may safeguard your vision and […]

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Did he practice oil pulling?
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Oil pulling – is it the newest snake oil?

OK- I must really be out of touch. I had never heard of oil pulling – an ancient practice where you swish oil around in your mouth for about 20 minutes. It is supposed to not only give you whiter teeth and better oral health but also help you to detoxify – leading to better […]

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Your questions answered: Coconut oil – fact and fiction

“I am hearing friends commenting on coconut oil and claiming it has cholesterol- lowering properties. What about it? It seems to be the new Big thing – is it? Any real benefits using this oil? I have always favoured canola, and olive oils. Am I wrong? Thanks for any info you can provide on coconut […]

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Greek Yogurt with Honey and Sliced Almonds- So simple, so delicious

Here’s one of my favourite ways to eat Greek yogurt. It’s my current go-to afternoon snack. It fits the bill perfectly: it’s both filling and satisfying, tiding me over until dinner. It’s also really delicious! Heating the honey – if you have a microwave available – allows for it to disperse more evenly through the […]

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Time for a new Food Guide

Canada’s Food Guide has long been a source of heated discussion. The latest controversy comes courtesy of a debate entitled, “Does Canada’s Food Guide promote weight gain?”. Ottawa’s Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, medical director of the Bariatric Medical Institute, squared off with Dr. Hasan Hutchinson, Director-General of the Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion at Health […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Greek yogurt confusion

Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Linda Searle McCarthy  writes about her confusion when looking at labels on various Greek yogurts.  She says, “My question concerns Greek yogurt. I buy plain, 0%, either Liberty or PC. They both contain only skim milk and bacterial culture, but the ingredient %’s differ substantially. They both say 18g protein, but […]

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Mixed Mushroom and Arugula Barley Risotto

It may be spring on the calendar but you can certainly still feel the winter chill. It’s a perfect time for risotto but if you substitute barley for the traditional rice,   the nutritional ratings  soar.  Barley is chock full of much need fibre – especially blood cholesterol-lowering soluble fibre — along with a range of […]

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This photo says it all

This sign is hanging in a small eatery in Siem Reap in Cambodia.  My daughter,  Alyssa Schwartz,  snapped this photo while she was there on assignment  (she’s a writer). You might look at it and think: well, of course food is an important part of a balanced diet. But if you really consider it, it’s […]

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