Cocoa: why can’t we leave nature alone?

Cocoa is food for thought If you’re familiar with my philosophy, you know I’m not an extremist but there are times when I simply don’t understand why we just can’t ...

William Ismael

Your Facebook questions answered: What are the benefits of phytoplankton?

“I’m wondering what your thoughts are regarding the benefits of phytoplankton. Specifically Karen Phytoplankton (the FB page is Phytoplankton Biotech). It has come on the market here recently with some ...

Gluten free

4 scientific facts you want to know about gluten

  In my last post, I  provided some fact and fiction about gluten-free diets from  the recent Whole Grains: Breaking Barriers conference sponsored by Boston based think tank Oldways  and ...



Snack Girl’s Crunchy Sweet Roasted Broccoli

This recipe from Snack Girl to the Rescue! (Harmony Books) by Lisa ...
Date-1500x700__Medjool Date and Barley Waldorf

Medjool Date and Barley Waldorf

Here’s a change of pace Waldorf salad that’s packed with fibre and ...

Bob’s Red Mill Everyday Gluten-Free Cookbook: Hoisin Chicken and Chard with Chili Garlic Quinoa

I first met the folks from Bob’s Red Mill over a decade ...

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Gluten-free diets: separating fact from fiction

How did gluten suddenly become dietary enemy number one?  It is now a substance to avoid, even for those who have never adhered to any previous suggested dietary advice.  Gluten-free diets have become the cure for all that ails North Americans.  Along with the flood of gluten-free products in the supermarket, there has been a […]

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Nicolas Raymond

Your Facebook questions answered: A former heart surgeon’s agenda

“Hi Rosie — Would you please care to comment on this heart surgeon’s thoughts about what really causes heart disease? It’s showing up on a lot of my Facebook friends’ pages.” says Enlightened Eater Facebook fan,  Karen Jorgenson Cooper. Karen, my first thought when I started reading this piece by Dr. Dwight Lundell, M.D., was […]

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Meal Makeover Moms

Coconut oil lowers blood pressure –really?

Have you ever heard of the game Broken Telephone? It’s a kids’ game where you whisper something into the ear of the person next to you. That person does the same until you get to the last one who announces what they have heard. All too often, the outcome has nothing to do with what […]

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david pacey

Why is Health Canada leading us astray?

Last year, after Health Canada ‘s  announcement  of  their  nutrition labelling initiative,  it appeared that  real change was on the horizon.  Rather than confusing Canadians about smart healthy eating choices, Health Canada, the federal agency mandated to protect our health, would be providing clear direction as to how to be an enlightened eater.  Health Canada […]

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Elvis Ripley

Your Facebook questions answered: Baby versus regular spinach

“I would like to know how ‘baby’ spinach is grown and whether it is nutritionally equivalent to “grown-up” spinach. It certainly does not have a real spinach taste.” says Enlightened Eater Facebook fan, Betty Fleet. Betty, baby spinach is exactly that –  spinach that is harvested at an early stage –  anytime  from 21 to […]

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eric robinson

“A big fat surprise for dietary dogma”? Fat chance

Grrrr – can you hear me seething? I have been since reading the Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente’s column entitled, “A big fat surprise for dietary dogma”. It’s amazing how easily swayed someone who is supposed to be a knowledgeable columnist in a national newspaper  can be. Maybe she really believes what she writes or […]

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Salmon & Corn Chowder

When you’re looking for a quick meal, here’s an easy-to-make one in a bowl that can be made from items you likely have on hand in your pantry and freezer. While this recipe makes 2 generous servings, it’s easy to double it for a family. Canned salmon not only provides omega-3 fats and vitamin D […]

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boldly wanderlust

Your Facebook requests: Nutritious brown bag lunch ideas

  “I really need help with healthy lunches while on the go and how to increase veggie intake.  Generally I don’t have the option to heat it up. I also don’t want to buy lunches” says Enlightened Eater Facebook fan, Emma Joanne Glover. Emma, purchasing your lunch can be very costly indeed – both to […]

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