The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid – Still relevant 2 decades later

This past week marked the 22nd anniversary of the introduction of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid by the Boston-based think tank, Oldways.  The introduction of the pyramid took place in the ...

Rebecca Siegel

Your Facebook questions answered: Is there a dairy and phlegm link?

“Hello Rosie! Some thoughts on milk and milk-based foods and phlegm production would be much appreciated. Many years ago I had heard this, although our Respiratory Techs poo-pooed it. After ...

Chiot's Run

Let the grain bashing end – here’s why

The grain bashing continues. If you’ve given up or are now considering forsaking grains for health’s sake, think again.   If it’s refined grains you’re banishing, be my guest. But here’s ...


Laurel F

Greens – the Greek Way

Earlier this week, I wrote about the anniversary of Oldways launching the ...

South West Tortilla Soup

A  satisfying lunch  in a bowl!  To take it to work, simply ...
They have a wonderful texture!
Dennis Wilkinson

Oat Groat Pilaf with Wild Mushrooms

Have you ever eaten oat groats? You’re not alone if you’re wondering ...

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Tomato Lentil Soup

At this time of year, there’s nothing like a bowl of soup. Not only is it appealing because of frigid outdoor temperatures but it’s also simply satisfying. Having soup is the perfect antidote following holiday eating.  It tames your hunger like no other food. Here’s a simple recipe for a delicious offering. The addition of […]

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Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen by
Laurent Jean Philippe

Forget clean eating – 2015’s sexiest eating trend is Brazilian

For the past week, my Facebook feed has been full of articles about clean eating along with clean eating recipes. If clean eating has made your resolution list, here’s a radical idea: cross it off your list. Are you surprised that I, as a dietitian, would say this?  First, let me clarify: I haven’t suddenly […]

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Your top 5 posts viewed in 2014

  I know I’m not alone in thinking that 2014 has flown by at a frightening pace. The year certainly has seen many nutrition headlines and unfortunately, it seems as though, too many of them were based on ridiculous research. A prime example: the breakfast study where the conclusion was that skipping your morning meal […]

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Baker’s tax can take a hefty toll

  Don’t let your waist be a victim of the baker’s tax. Baker’s tax occurs when the person preparing the baked goods must sample each edible ingredient, such as chocolate chips, dried fruit and nuts, before it’s added to the bowl. Another example of this is sampling  at least one cookie as each pan is […]

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Need a few last minute gift ideas? Here you go

Though you can’t give the gift of good health, you may provide a loved one or friend with an offering that could help them towards that goal.  Or why not get something for yourself   for enlightened eating in the new year. •     Pulke Herb Infuser I just love the look of this! The word pulke […]

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Itzik Edri

In the real tradition of Chanukah: Enlightened Potato Latkes (yes- baked latkes!) – Replay

I am always asked for my baked latke recipe so I am re-posting it along with my questions about how the tradition of using copious amounts of fat came about. I just don’t get it. The miracle of Chanukah is that one day’s worth of oil lasted eight days. How does that translate into eating […]

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Kevin Dooley

Your Facebook questions answered: The truth about calcium & osteoporosis

“I would love your opinion on this article – “The truth about calcium & osteoporosis”, asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Stacey McLean. Stacey, after reading this article, I have to say that I feel it’s mix of science and science fiction. Or maybe I should say it’s an article full of half truths. Before going […]

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WholeGrainsCouncil-Farro Dried Fruit Garbanzo Salad

Farro Dried Fruit Garbanzo Salad

I can’t tell you how many conferences or meetings where healthy eating and nutrition are the focus and yet when it came time for meals and snacks, you had to wonder what the organizers were thinking. Well, I have to say that at the recent Whole Grains: Breaking Barriers conference, in Boston, sponsored by Oldways […]

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