Your Facebook questions answered: Grain Brain and gluten-free

“Rosie – I’m wondering your thoughts on gluten free, the book Grain Brain and David Perlmutter.”, asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Jennifer Burnham. Jennifer, you’re not alone in wondering about ...


Your Facebook questions answered: Whole wheat flour brands

“Seeing the date-nut recipe reminds me of a question I’ve been meaning to ask you: is the whole wheat flour we buy actually whole grain? After your comment a couple ...


Grocery Innovations Canada 2014: What’s in store for you?

Foods shows are fun – usually.  I get a chance to sample all kinds of offerings while checking out what’s up and coming for local grocery stores or health food ...


Julia Frost

Date Nut Bread with Pistachios

When you’re looking for the taste and nutrition of a muffin or ...

Shades of Green Super Foods Salad

If kiwis are not a regular item on your menu, it’s definitely ...
Photo courtesy Alberta Barley

Pumpkin Barley Oat Streusel Muffins

If you’re looking for a whole grain flour for your baking, consider  ...

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Your Facebook questions answered: Inflammatory foods

“Have you known anyone who has done the diet where they removed all inflammatory food intake, Rosie? I’ve heard of one person it’s apparently worked for in terms of her arthritis pain . . .”, asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Karen Resta. Karen, the area of  inflammation and disease  is certainly emerging as  a key […]

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Bear Grills Cafe

Are you really hungry for breakfast? How about an 8,000 calorie meal?

In the race for gluttonous offerings, we may now have a champion: the  Hibernator. Thank goodness, this breakfast can only be found across the Atlantic in Britain at the Bear Grills Café  in Congleton, south of Manchester. While the meal itself costs only  £19.95 (never mind the pounds you may accumulate from its consumption), you […]

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Moira Clunie

Pistachios- Shelled or Unshelled?

Now that science is showing that eating pistachios is very smart indeed, there are other key decisions to make: shelled versus unshelled. When you’re deciding between shelled and unshelled, you might want to consider the advantages of going for those in the shell. And because they’re not a tough nut to crack, they’re easy to […]

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Caught red-handed – pistachios health perks

In the past, pistachios eaters could never sneak a few nuts without getting caught red-handed – literally. Who would have thought that besides a yummy munch, there were so many health perks supplied? The growing list of benefits offered by these packages of goodness makes them even more irresistible than before – if that’s possible. […]

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It’s a date!

5 top reasons to eat dates Talk about the wisdom of the ages: biblical writings show us that agricultural products known as the  Seven Species, that were revered in ancient times,  are now a hotbed of scientific research.  The Seven Species include wheat, barley, dates, figs, grapes, olives and pomegranates. At this time of year, […]

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Jônatas Cunha

6 top reasons to eat kiwis

Kiwis may be small but they certainly  pack a mighty nutritional punch.  While they were originally known as a Chinese gooseberry, they were first grown commercially in New Zealand. These fuzzy little fruits were then named after New Zealand’s  national bird, the kiwi.  It’s hard to believe but they only started appearing  in most North […]

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Supplements: More is not better

Does it seem to you that when scientists identify a particular substance in food with  disease-fighting power,  it becomes a hot commodity in the form of a supplement?   Consider that we are spending billions on dietary supplements but somehow we keep forgetting what they really are. Many believe that what’s in a pill  bottle  can  […]

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Who ate that popcorn?
    Trish Thorton

The #1 way to control eating while watching TV

Do you eat too much while watching TV or at the movies? A recent study by Dr. Brian Wansink, the mindless eating guru, looked at the issue and seemed to offer some advice. But  with all due respect to  Dr. Wansink, I have to disagree with his suggestion of using the opportunity to boost the […]

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