Brad Higham

Your Facebook questions answered: Is modern wheat toxic?

“Recently a dietitian friend of mine posted The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten by Moises Velasquez-Manoff on Facebook. One comment that came back to her was: “This article did not ...

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Health Canada’s campaign of misinformation

Time after time, Health Canada, the federal agency whose mission it  is to promote good health and provide leadership on issues, is once again showing their ineptitude.   Yes, they do ...

John Twohig

Your Facebook question answered: What’s your take on Coenzyme Q10 and statins?

“My husband takes Crestor, and the pharmacist told him to ask his doctor about his Coenzyme Q10 levels. I’ve looked at the University of Google (as Joe Schwarcz calls it) ...


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Grilled Asparagus and Trout with Chimichurri

  Can you get enough of local asparagus? I certainly can’t! Here’s ...

Sugar Snap Pea & Lentil Salad with Mint Vinaigrette

  Have you heard about the buzz about the Fun de Lentil ...

Snack Girl’s Crunchy Sweet Roasted Broccoli

This recipe from Snack Girl to the Rescue! (Harmony Books) by Lisa ...

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Rikard Elofsson

Your Facebook questions answered: Am I getting enough protein?

“I am 60 years young, a pescatarian (eat fish, no other meat). Am I getting enough protein from mainly vegetables, cereal, cheese ?” says Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Gillian Mcdougall. Gillian, I love your attitude! 60 years young is definitely the way to look at it and taking care of yourself can indeed play a […]

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Melissa Wiese

Your Facebook questions answered: Is VitaFiber too good to be true?

  “I have a question for you about something a co-worker of mine just ordered on Amazon. It’s called VitaFiber. Are you aware of it? It sounds too good to be true, so I told him I’d ask you about it & see what you thought.”, says Enlightened Eater Facebook fan, Alison Smiley. Alison, something […]

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Ana Reinert

“When ‘You’re So Skinny!’ isn’t quite a compliment”

Have you ever felt like you’ve had foot in mouth disease after complimenting someone about their weight?  Or maybe you’ve paid what you thought was a compliment to someone about your perception of their body.  I, as a dietitian who deals with weight issues and eating disorders, am usually very careful about not falling into […]

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Hit the road with healthy eats

Lookin’ for adventure? Head out on the highway.  It’s a common theme of summer as families and friends  eagerly hit the road.  For some, the drive is only a couple of hours to the cottage. For others, the car ride is the major event  as the road trip is spent discovering new places or visiting […]

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Mallory Dash

Your Facebook requests answered: Healthy and tasty BBQ ideas

“Okay. Summer time is here and I love BBQ. Healthy and tasty ideas please. Thank you” says Enlightened Eater Facebook  fan Donald Stokes. I’m with you, Donald, both in terms of loving summertime and firing up my barbecue! It is indeed my favourite season, especially as I am an avid gardener (mainly heirloom tomatoes) and […]

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Notice the absence of Added Sugars

Health Canada’s nutrition label reform: Why ask consumers for comments?

This past Friday, the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, unveiled several initiatives including more information on the proposed changes to nutritional labelling regulations. There were indeed some positive proposals that made it from the first stage of nutrition labelling reform announced last year (including those such as standardized serving sizes and a change in […]

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Stéphanie Kilgast

Your Facebook questions answered: Is carrageenan safe?

  “I’d like your thoughts on if carrageenan is safe. My understanding is that it has been shown to be harmful in studies on animals and in very high concentrations, but hasn’t been shown to be harmful in more reasonable amounts in adults. Thinking about adding it to home-made ice cream.…/cooking-with-syllables…/”, says Enlightened Eater […]

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Theophilos Papadopoulos

Delaying lunch: smart nutritional strategy or food folly?

    How many times have you delayed your lunch so you could finish up some work or maybe because you thought it would be helpful for your girth control? After all, if there are fewer hours between your midday meal and dinner, you might think it would help you manage your weight. According to […]

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