Need a few last minute gift ideas? Here you go

Though you can’t give the gift of good health, you may provide a loved one or friend with an offering that could help them towards that goal.  Or why not ...

Itzik Edri

In the real tradition of Chanukah: Enlightened Potato Latkes (yes- baked latkes!) – Replay

I am always asked for my baked latke recipe so I am re-posting it along with my questions about how the tradition of using copious amounts of fat came about. ...

Kevin Dooley

Your Facebook questions answered: The truth about calcium & osteoporosis

“I would love your opinion on this article – “The truth about calcium & osteoporosis”, asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Stacey McLean. Stacey, after reading this article, I have to ...


WholeGrainsCouncil-Farro Dried Fruit Garbanzo Salad

Farro Dried Fruit Garbanzo Salad

I can’t tell you how many conferences or meetings where healthy eating ...
Photo courtesy PaperChef

South Asian Masala Cauliflower

I still remember the first time I tasted a fish dish wrapped ...
Foodland-Roasted Pear and Chevre Salad

Roasted Pear Salad with Chèvre

This salad is packed with a cornucopia of disease-fighting compounds.   Pears, for ...

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Sprouted quinoa/spelt bread
 Naoto Sato

Your Facebook questioned answered: Sprouted grains/breads – Part 2

In my last post, sprouted grains were on the menu- what they are and their nutrient content. But there’s much more to these grains of goodness. Over the past few years, there has been increasing interest by scientists in the health benefits sprouted grains may offer. Here’s a sampling of some of the studies conducted […]

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Sprouted wheat berries

Your Facebook questioned answered: The benefits of sprouted grains/breads

“I too am curious about the advantages (if any) sprouted grains/bread.”, says Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Karen Jorgenson Cooper. Karen, you are definitely not alone in your interest in the advantages of sprouted grains. Sprouted grains, what used to be a consequence of grains being left in the fields after harvesting, are now appearing on […]

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Graeme Maclean

Your Facebook questioned answered: Is there a link between dairy and cancer?

“I do have a further question, where are the studies linking cancer to dairy coming from? I know the WHO launched a study of a variety of foods and possible linkages to cancer, but I can’t seem to find any results posted anywhere.” asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Jennifer Hayes. Jennifer, I did mention dairy-cancer […]

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Axel Naud

Your Facebook questions answered: Consequences of eliminating dairy

“I recently went on a diet that excluded dairy. Are there not many cultures that don’t use milk? What are the consequences of a middle-aged female going dairy-free for a month, a year, or longer?” , asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Dorothy Dobson. Dorothy, there are many reasons that people decide to cut dairy out […]

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sea turtle

Extra virgin olive oil- fact and fiction

At a recent event at Toronto’s Brassaii Restaurant,  hosted by The Flavour Your Life Campaign,   Robert Beauchemin, well known Montreal food writer, anthropologist, and olive oil expert, sorted through the fact and fiction about quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).  At the same time, guests were treated to a variety of  offerings, both savoury and […]

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Robyn Lee

Bring a sandwich to work day!

Brown bagging your lunches  can offer a bonanza of  savings – both calories and potentially big bucks over time. But more importantly, think of it as an opportunity to boost your nutritional status. When you pack your own eats, you’re in the driver’s seat – nutrient-packed veggies, whole grains and lean proteins are then easier  […]

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Alex Lomas

How’s your mood? The surprising fruit and vegetable connection

We’ve long known that eating fruits and vegetables promotes good health. Do you anyone whose mother didn’t tell them to eat their fruits and vegetables?  Over the long term, they may provide us with an arsenal of weaponry against a range of diseases.  But a new study, out of New Zealand, evaluated the effects of […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Grain Brain and gluten-free

“Rosie – I’m wondering your thoughts on gluten free, the book Grain Brain and David Perlmutter.”, asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Jennifer Burnham. Jennifer, you’re not alone in wondering about the validity of the book, Grain Brain. It has certainly received a lot of attention. In my opinion, it’s a smattering of science mixed in […]

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