Mushroom’s immune system boosting benefits & 4 other surprising health perks

It’s that time of year when there’s lots of  talk about how to fight off colds and the flu. Debates abound about flu shots and various supplements  but all too ...


Natural Health Products: It’s still buyer beware

If you think you’re protected by Health Canada, think again When it comes to natural health products, if it seems as though there’s a free for all out there, there’s ...


Bring pasta back to your plate

Are you a pasta lover? I certainly am. I also feel compelled to defend this wonderful food- one that’s so often unfairly maligned. I cannot tell you how often a ...


Asian Mushroom Lettuce Wraps

  In my last post, I talked about mushroom’s health perks including ...

A speedy pasta from Puglia – Orecchiette with Rapini

In my last post on the Scientific Consensus Conference on the Healthy ...
Photo by Earl Schwartz

Pumpkin Brûlée

For pumpkin pie lovers, Thanksgiving weekend is a real treat. But truth ...

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Samuel Barnes

The furor over processed meat, red meat and cancer

It would appear that the recommendations to avoid processed meat, which really translates into eating it on an occasional basis, rather than daily, has led to many expressing outrage.  Some believe that the guidelines say these foods must be banished completely and find the concept ridiculous.  And so they should.  Eating these foods once in […]

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Get ready for a whole lot of baloney – processed meat and cancer

Natural deli meat producers will have a field day You’re likely going to hear, if you haven’t already, countless news stories today about the World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement about the risks of eating processed meat.  Processed meat refers to meat that has been transformed through salting, curing, fermentation, smoking, or other processes. WHO’s International […]

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iStock photo

Your Facebook questions answered: Does gluten disrupt hormones?

“Have you heard of  this: “Here’s a fact: Gluten has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system affecting the production of hormones in both men and women. Do you have a hormonal imbalance due to gluten?” asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan, Jennifer Burnham. Jennifer, I’m always amazed at the confidence of health professionals who believe […]

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Anant Nath Sharma

Your Facebook questions answered: Curcumin supplements – yay or nay?

“Here’s another topic you might want to address for those of us with joint pain. Turmeric supplements. I just saw these on the shelf, in 500 mg capsule form, labelled “anti-inflammatory to help relieve joint pain” They say curcumin is hard to absorb so people with arthritis etc should take these for improved function and […]

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Jessica and Lon Binder

Kasha Varnishkes (a.k.a. bow ties)

Whole Grains Month is coming to an end as are the Jewish High Holidays (next week). This is a time of year where traditional favourites have to make an appearance on the menu and up there on my family’s list are kasha varnishkes or kasha and bow ties. Kasha or buckwheat, although it resembles and […]

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Chiot's Run

Whole Grains Survey – the New Norm

Whole Grains Council Survey Reveals Whole Grain Habits It’s Whole Grains Month and it looks like there’s some good news to report on our whole grain eating. A just released survey conducted by the Boston-based non-profit Oldways Whole Grains Council (WGC) shows nearly two-thirds of those surveyed are heeding the dietary advice to “make at […]

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Photo courtesy Oldways Whole Grain Council

Search For the Whole-Y Grain

Grains of truth during Whole Grains Month Talk about a pendulum. Grains have really been put through the mill lately:  First they were believed to make us fat, then they didn’t — because how can they if they contain very little fat?  And now they’re back to making us fat again or so many believe. […]

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Alice Popkorn

Have you entered the temple of clean eating?

When did enjoying a decadent delight become a sinful pleasure or a guilty indulgence? How did being gluten-free, choosing organic foods or non-GMO options become a badge of honour? How does not doing so seem to put you in the same category as a thief or someone lacking a moral compass? Do I sound paranoid? […]

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