Mary Anne Davis

5 easy ways to help stop portion distortion

Portion distortion is definitely a major contributor to girth control issues. Even if you’re going for healthy options (other than maybe low-calorie vegetables),  large servings can make the calories and ...


Cognitive function: sorting through the science and science fiction

Maintaining cognitive function is a hot topic indeed.  From scientific research and books on the topic to  smart food choices, supplements and tonics,  there is definitely growing interest in how ...

Mary Harrsch

Food for thought – the latest on maintaining your smarts

Food for thought has become a hotbed of research as our population ages. Statistics show that the proportion of  seniors are climbing and with these increasing  figures comes  a greater ...


Photo by Michael Rao

Bocconcini Tomato Salad with Quinoa from The Healthy Italian

Fina Scroppo is one busy lady.  Over the years, I worked with ...
Photo courtesy Foodland Ontario

A savoury treat: Peachy Grilled Salmon Fillet

There’s no doubt local peaches are a wonderful taste treat on their ...

Charmoula Sauce – Enjoy your herbs for longer

If your garden is anything like mine, the herbs are abundant.  The ...

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Photo courtesy of BC Blueberries

Blueberry, Watermelon and Walnut Salad

While ice cream may be an occasional summertime treat,  blueberries and watermelon can certainly give it a run for its money as seasonal favourites. And when you combine their arsenal of disease-fighting weaponry, their appeal can’t be beat. This recipe,   adapted from BC Blueberries,  combines both nutrition-packed favourites along with another  superstar, walnuts. If you […]

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Tomato heaven at a marketplace in Nice

Making summer tomatoes last longer

What’s better – fresh versus processed? l While there is truly nothing better than to pick a warm tomato off the vine, wash it and pop it into your mouth (just ask my little granddaughters as they spied ripe ones in my backyard and then squealed with delight as they picked each one),  nutritionally speaking,  […]

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My backyard tomatoes- Black Krim and Matina

Does a tomato a day keep the doctor away?

There’s a growing list of health benefits associated with the “golden apple” During the summer, there’s nothing more tantalizing than a home grown sliced tomato, topped with fresh basil and drizzled with a fruity extra virgin olive oil. In nutrition circles, tomatoes are often thought of only in terms of the perks provided by lycopene, […]

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Temperature’s rising – so is the risk of kidney stones

While keeping hydrated is definitely a concern when outdoor temperatures rise, the issue is even more important for those at risk of kidney stones. If you have ever had a kidney stone or have seen someone suffer through the pain, you know it’s a situation you definitely want to avoid. A new U.S. study points […]

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Zechariah Judy

5 top reasons to eat peaches

It’s a time of year so many of us impatiently await: peach season. Is there anything better than enjoying a luscious local peach?  It’s true that  trying to stop the juices from running down your  arm can be a little tough but it’s all part of the wonderful peach experience. Peaches and their kissin’ cousins, […]

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Dreamstime photo

Top ways to incorporate herbs into your menu

Here in North America, herbs have commonly been used as a way to boost the taste of dishes when cutting down on sodium. But in the Mediterranean diet, the gold standard of eating that’s linked to low rates of many chronic diseases, herbs are consumed in plentiful amounts. Take the Middle Eastern dishes such as […]

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Salvadonica Borgo del Chianti

Do you give herbs the respect they deserve?

When you cook, do you use herbs such as parsley and basil simply as a garnish to dress up your creations? If so, it’s time to give them the respect they deserve. According to accumulating research, herbs offer a wealth of disease-fighting power including anti-cancer action and an assortment of heart healthy perks.  Ounce for […]

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Want to see these changes to nutrition labelling? Make your voice heard (Part 2)

In yesterday’s post, I highlighted Health Canada’s proposed changes to the nutrition labelling regulations involving sugar. But there is so much more great news to share about the proposals. Check out all the info below for  a taste. Here are a few highlights: •    Serving sizes will be standardized   You will no longer need […]

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