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A vitamin D-cancer link

Vitamin D has been linked to a defence against a growing list of illnesses including various types of cancer. But many people have been quick to point out that the ...


The Oldways 4-Week Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Menu Plan

There’s no doubt that vegetarian eating styles are on the rise. While I may be offended by campaigns such as the one  comparing dogs and cats to cows and chickens ...


Promoting vegetarianism: are these tactics appropriate?

If you live in the Toronto area and take public transit, you’ve likely noticed the Be Veg campaign geared towards promoting vegetarianism, specifically a vegan diet.  As a dietitian, I ...


Meal Makeover Moms

Farro-Cabbage Salad

  Here’s an another example of the delicious recipes in The Oldways ...
Meal Makeover Moms

Manhattan Millet Cakes

Here’s an example of the fabulous recipes in The Oldways 4-Week Vegetarian ...
Photo courtesy the Almond Board of California

Fresh Almond-Herb Dip

Who doesn’t love dips? They’re a perfect way to boost your vegetable ...

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Toshiyuki IMAI

Is there any difference between almonds and almond butter?

  You’re not alone if you think that almonds and peanuts are roughly the same nutritionally as their butters.  But according to accumulating research, you would be wrong.  (Of course, I’m talking about natural almond butter or peanut butter, not those with added fat and sugar that may bear little resemblance to the real thing.) […]

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Mushrooms-asian lettuce wraps

The Blendability concept: Asian Lettuce Wraps

There’s no doubt that meat is packed with nutritional perks but, in spite of what Paleo followers say, keeping portions in check is key for good health. To do so without making your helpings look skimpy, changing how you prepare and serve meat can make a difference. Stirfries, kabobs with fruits and veggies and stews […]

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Nick Ares

Your questions answered: What’s healthier grass or grain fed beef?

“Hi Rosie, Recently I’ve heard a lot of good things about grass fed beef. What is the actual difference in grass fed versus corn feed beef. Why is one more healthy to consume than the other?” asks Enlightened Eater reader Robert Dobson. Robert, this is a question I’ve often been asked. First, though, let me […]

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Your Facebook questions: The Big Fat Surprise – Science or science fiction?

“I just heard science journalist Nina Teicholz on CBC’s The Current talking about her book The Big Fat Surprise. She says the low fat craze over the last few decades is what has made the population fat & unhealthy, and that we should all eat more fat, including saturated. Are you familiar with her book, […]

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Laurel F

Greens – the Greek Way

Earlier this week, I wrote about the anniversary of Oldways launching the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. This was followed by numerous scientific and culinary conferences where researchers updated their findings while the palate pleasing offerings of the Mediterranean were introduced to the fortunate delegates. The first lunch at Oldways 1st Mediterranean Diet Conference was a Greek […]

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The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid – Still relevant 2 decades later

This past week marked the 22nd anniversary of the introduction of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid by the Boston-based think tank, Oldways.  The introduction of the pyramid took place in the midst of fat phobia. The pyramid  was a model of healthy eating based upon the traditional eating pattern which included healthy fats. Healthy fats? Olive […]

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South West Tortilla Soup

A  satisfying lunch  in a bowl!  To take it to work, simply reheat the soup and add the garnishes before eating.   To tame your appetite   in between meals, omit the cheese and tortilla chips.   If you like, you can also add some diced avocado to the soup to up the taste and nutrition quotients even […]

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Rebecca Siegel

Your Facebook questions answered: Is there a dairy and phlegm link?

“Hello Rosie! Some thoughts on milk and milk-based foods and phlegm production would be much appreciated. Many years ago I had heard this, although our Respiratory Techs poo-pooed it. After some research I found they were right, although it seemed no one believed us. This issue has recently come to light again. I would appreciate […]

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