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How to get off the diet rollercoaster: read The Diet Fix

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, M.D., an Ottawa physician who specializes in bariatrics and writes the popular blog, Weighty Matters, is well known for his blustering  criticisms of the food industry.  He believes our environment is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic  and as a result, is a very outspoken advocate for change. But as intolerant  […]

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The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents

“You’ve got such a pretty face. If only you could lose a few pounds, you’d be a knockout.” “Getting a little round, aren’t we?” “Are you really sure that you need that second serving?” Have you ever used lines like these on loved ones or those close to you in the hope of helping them […]

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Criticizing Wheat Belly – a risky proposition

Lose the wheat – it’s as simple as that or so William Davis, MD, author of Wheat Belly, would have you believe. But if you read any real critiques of the book, you’ll quickly find that removing wheat is just a tip of the iceberg. As I stated in my review, “While the book looks […]

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