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Get in on the action: It’s Whole Grains Sampling Day!

  Are you stuck in a whole grain rut? Is brown rice the extent of your whole grain eating? There’s no better time to be adventurous than today, Whole Grains Sampling Day.  This annual celebration,  brought to you by the Whole Grains Council, is geared towards bringing the tastes of an assortment of these nutrition-packed  […]

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Nutrition Month 2016: Smart Stocks for the Kitchen

  Have you been taking part  in this year’s  Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month, Take a 100 meal journey, make small changes, one meal at a time?  If so,  are you making any headway? If  you haven’t managed to make changes  or  haven’t been part of the action,  it’s not too late to jump on […]

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Nutrition Month 2016: Why get better acquainted with your kitchen

A key strategy to successfully implement this year’s Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month theme, Take a 100 meal journey, one meal at a time, is to prepare your eats at home.  Homemade fare makes it easy to make simple modifications to improve your nutritional profile.  It’s almost effortless to add some frozen berries to your […]

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