Here are some selected samples of my print and digital articles and columns:

Financial Post (National Post):

Your low-fat cheese tastes nasty because Ottawa protects farmers, not consumers

Menu Magazine:

Plant Forward Plant-based eating: here to stay and it’s big business

Searching for the Next Quinoa

Canadian Living magazine:

The secret to healthy eating: What experts have learned about nutrition

The real way to do a detox or cleanse

The Medical Post

Dietary Advice: The Experts Finally Agree

Gluten Free Diets: Fact Fiction

Ottawa Citizen newspaper

Op-Ed: Take food labels with a grain of salt

Parents Canada Magazine
Regular columnist:

Ask a Dietitian: Are fibre-rich foods as important for kids as they are for adults?

Ask a Dietitian: What’s all the fuss about fermented foods?

Is it hard for postnatal moms to get the nutrition they need?

My child doesn’t tolerate some dairy products well, should we avoid them all to be safe?

Is variety in children’s diets important?

Eating dinner at a healthy hour

Why it’s time to bring eggs back to the table

Why nutrition advice from Hollywood should be taken with a grain of salt

How similar are Paleo diets to what cavemen ate?

Why are some food dyes banned in some countries, but not Canada

Why a balanced breakfast is still key for children and adults 

Understanding protein as part of a well-balanced diet

Is the BMI the best tool for assessing kids’ weight?

A balanced approach to carbs or sugars

The health benefits of soup

Nutrition: Snacks on the go

What to consider when you start your baby on solid foods

How does your produce grow?

Put these affordable nutritional powerhouses on your plate

How to make snacking healthy

5 Common nutrition mistakes families make

How to keep your fruits and veggies germ-free

Smart Breakfast Choices

Are Your Kids Staying Hydrated?

Sugar: The hidden truth

Vegetarian kids: They’re not so rare

Do bread and other grain products tie your tummy in knots?

Toronto Star


Diabetes Dialogue
Regular Columnist:

Five reasons to eat fermented food

Eating well at work

Diabetes Superfoods: A Top 10 List

Six things your brain needs to remain healthy

National Post
Regular Columnist:
Culinary Travel


Globe and Mail Newspaper:

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