The facts about canola oil

“Many people won’t use canola oil because it is too highly refined. How does refining affect the oil, or does “higher refining” ruin an oil? Or why is it refined, ...

Book Review: The Healthy Jewish Kitchen and Potato And Scallion Latkes With Pickled Applesauce

Next Tuesday night marks the beginning of Chanukah, the 8-day festival of lights, which is celebrated by Jews around the world. While it’s usually just the kids who get gifts, ...

What are the warnings about young kids and plant-based milk all about?

“Hello Rosie, I’m wondering what your thoughts are regarding this news article “Plant-based milks shouldn’t be main beverage for young children, health experts say. Pediatricians, dietitians say well-intentioned parents may ...


Roasted Asian Brussels Sprouts

    It’s hard to believe how Brussels sprouts could have been ...

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the time of year I like to bake. It’s the ...

Sweet and Crisp Kimchi Salad

In my last post, I extolled the nutritional perks of radishes. Here’s ...

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  As a dietitian and nutrition writer, I’m often invited to various food events, though, the one I attended on Giving Tuesday, was definitely quite unique. It was called #RandomActsofCooking and took place at Toronto’s Dish Cooking Studio but instead of someone presenting information or a cooking demonstration, we, the participants, were invited to share […]

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Bone broth: Are the benefits based on science or science fiction?

Move over coffee shops. Bone broth cafes have taken over in many cities as customers pay big bucks for cups of bone broths. Meanwhile those who know their way around the kitchen are simmering pots of bones for up to 48 hours for their own potions. So what’s the fuss all about and is it […]

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Protein powder or real food – what’s really best?

Have you noticed the displays of gargantuan containers of protein powder for sale at all kinds of stores? When you see them advertised in Costco flyers, you know they’ve gone from the domain of body builders to the everyday consumer. The same goes for protein bars. Then there’s the choice of whey, soy, hemp or […]

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Why your low-fat cheese tastes nasty: Ottawa protects farmers, not consumers

Below is an oped I wrote which was published on October 31, 1017 in the National Post (Financial Post section) newspaper. It deals with the unacceptable regulations concerning the making of lower fat cheeses. But first, a few thoughts on Health Canada and the new food guide: There is something truly ground breaking about Health […]

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Protein: what’s the best time to eat it?

In a recent post, I covered the issues of protein requirements but I also touched on the timing of consuming that protein. Spreading it out through the day, rather than the typical pattern of having a protein-heavy dinner, offers numerous health perks including weight control benefits. But here’s some surprising news: the order in which […]

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World Pasta Day: Pasta with Spinach and White Beans

  Today is World Pasta Day – a time to celebrate a delicious and nutritious favourite food. The day  also marks the kick-off of the global pasta industry’s “The Power of Pasta” initiative. More than 3 million plates of pasta have been donated to various charities fighting hunger around the world thanks to the support […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Am I getting enough protein?

Question: “I make all my food from scratch – bread, soups, sauces, casseroles, muesli, yogurt, etc. I never buy prepared foods. In addition, while I am not a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat, except chicken, fish, and seafood two or three times a week. I also eat dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Eggs, […]

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Za’atar Chickpeas and Butternut Squash with Halloom (Halloumi)

  Have you seen all the different types of winter squash in your marketplace? From acorn and butternut to pumpkin and spaghetti squash, there’s one for every day of the week and almost a second time around (about a dozen in total). They’re all packed with an assortment of nutrients, some of which vary according […]

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