What exactly is plant-based eating?

Confusion abounds about what plant-based eating really means. If you’re opting for this style of eating, perhaps you’re a vegan or a vegetarian. Or just maybe you’re neither and include ...

Which country ranks first for fewer diet-related deaths?

  I can’t tell you how often, over the years, I’ve heard a client tell me that they have indeed tried to eat better before coming to see me. But ...

The Senate of Canada is putting the health of our kids at risk

Shame on them Yes, there have been many discussions about whether the Senate of Canada is an overpaid antiquated institution or if it’s a vital part of our system of ...


Savoury Moroccan Vegetable Soup with Charmoula Sauce

Yes, it is spring but it’s still time for soup. This one ...

Nutrition Month 2019: Crispy Chickpeas and Pumpkin Seeds with Lime

While snacking on hummus and other bean dips is an easy way ...

Almond Flax Bites – A speedy snack to make and enjoy

While snacks are key to bridge the gap between meals, the perfect ...

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Is the supplement industry putting profit and competition before our babies’ health?

This is not a question I want to ask but it’s one that I must. In my last post, the topic was mainly about the concept of supplement excess. But when it comes to the B vitamin folic acid and pregnancy, either too little or too much can potentially have unwanted effects on babies. The […]

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The dose is the poison

Why is it that when we hear about how beneficial a particular nutrient or compound is in keeping us healthy or fighting off disease that we think that if a little is helpful, that more is better? Or that we think that if it’s for sale as a supplement, particularly a vitamin and mineral preparation, […]

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How do you unlock the potential of discovering food for kids?

The subject of home economics is certainly one that has inspired passion in many people as my post on the topic certainly brought a lot of voices forth. The good news is that there were none that disagreed with the importance of young people learning about food-from shopping, cooking and decreasing food waste to basic […]

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Dietitians Day & Why the latest egg study has egg on its face

Today marks the tenth year of celebrating Dietitians Day in Canada. It’s designated as such to shine the spotlight on my fellow dietitians as regulated health care professionals, committed to using their specialized knowledge and skills to translate the science of nutrition into healthy and delicious fare while at the same time, supporting healthy living […]

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We dropped home ec because it was sexist. Here’s why we screwed up

Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month – Potential to Discover: Foster healthy eating habits in children by teaching them to shop and cook. Back in the day, home ec classes were standard on the curriculum for female students. We were taught all about food but compared to other courses like biology or math, home ec was […]

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Nutrition Month- Unlock the potential of food to bring us together

It’s that time of year again- Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month. This year’s theme of Unlock the Potential of Food shows that food is not just about nutrients. While many people may have the impression that when it comes to dietitians and healthy eating, nutrients are all we consider, that concept would be very far […]

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Big Food flouts labelling laws yet no one cares

  Where do I begin? Misleading health claims, questionable ingredient lists, new nutrition labelling regulations with meaningless deadlines and questionable enforcement practices – this post is about all of the above. Agropur, the largest dairy company/ cooperative in the country by sales, is behind this ridiculousness with their Nano line of yogurt from iÖGO.  I […]

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A Canadian conundrum: how many peanuts are really in your peanut butter

I’ve been reading a number of social media posts lately about the best way to store natural peanut butter. For many people, that layer of oil on top of natural peanut butter is off putting enough to make them forgo that kind and go for other varieties. Various ideas about getting rid of the oil […]

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