The joys of roasting vegetables: Roasted Pumpkin and Pepitas

There’s something about roasted vegetables that can convert even haters of certain vegetables into vegetable lovers. I have seen it happen repeatedly in my own family. I’ve had family members ...

Ultra-processed food and your brain

If you made any New Year’s resolutions about healthy eating this year, have you already abandoned them? You’re not alone if when deciding on making changes, you have bitten off ...

How to keep salads on your menu with soaring lettuce prices

While it seems that inflation is slowing down, food prices seem to continue to soar. There are some items, like lettuce, that have had meteoric jumps in price. A package ...


Mushroom Barley and Lima Bean Soup -One of my all time favourites

I am undoubtedly a soup lover – hot soups in cold weather ...

It’s soup time! South of France Fish Soup with a Garlic-Pepper Mayo

While outdoor temperatures may be dropping, we can still dream of sunnier ...

Kale, Apple and Quinoa Salad

While the seasons are changing, salads still appeal. This one, with a ...

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Happy Thanksgiving – Be safe & avoid foodborne illness

In Canada, this Monday marks our Thanksgiving Day. If you’re the one preparing much of the delicious eats, you’re not alone if when it comes to food safety, you have turkey and stuffing on your mind. While they’re the obvious culprits when it comes to foodborne illness, there are other potential offenders that could be […]

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Whole grains and diabetes – Roasted Cherry Tomato, Arugula and Sorghum Salad Recipe

Today marks the end of the Oldways Whole Grains Council’s Whole Grains Month. Over the past few years, the popularity of whole grains has definitely been on the rise. More and more people are appreciating the depths of the taste and flavors of whole grain products. To many, their health benefits are an added perk. […]

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Food rules: Should anyone tell you how to eat your bagel?

Back when carbs became nutrition enemy #1, bagels were banished from many a menu. Then they slowly made somewhat of a comeback but only if the insides were completely scooped out. Bagels with their guts ripped out became the norm. But as pendulums are apt to do, people are being now told, by social media […]

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Summer’s best and simplest: Pasta with Raw Tomato Sauce

To me, this raw tomato-basil pasta dish is one of my favourite summer dishes – maybe the absolute favourite. It’s one that I have been making for decades. It’s also one that brings back memories of my late father. When my daughters were young and I would work late seeing clients for nutrition counselling at […]

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Too good to be true- Supplements in the fantasy land of Oz

Q: I am currently getting over Covid and playing way too many solitaire and word games! The commercials that show up often, are for these keto Gummies, which promise to burn off the fat while you sleep! 40 pounds, in three weeks. How can they do that and how do they get away with it? […]

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Savour the season and reduce waste: Make Corn Broth

If you love local corn as much as I do, you likely find all kinds of ways to put it on your menu. While having a simple cob of corn is heavenly, there are so many other ways to enjoy the season’s offerings. We love it in salads, salsas and even as a pasta sauce […]

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White Bean Burgers with Not-So-Secret Sauce

Plant-based burgers have been hot sellers over the past few years but sales figures show that the market is cooling down. There are a number of reasons why shoppers are giving these meat alternatives the cold shoulder. For one, the novelty is wearing off. For others, they’re pretty pricey – often more costly than meat […]

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Cabbage & Lentil Slaw

It’s officially the first long weekend of the summer – Canada Day here in Canada and July 4th for those south of the border. BBQs will be fired up right across North America. Cabbage slaws will appear as a side dish on many a menu. Why not go for a change of pace with this […]

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