Roasted Squash Salad with Apples

While summer has gone and with it the season’s glorious produce, autumn certainly had plenty to offer. Here’s a very tasty example from Foodland Ontario. While the ingredients called for ...

Let’s celebrate Canada’s farmers

It’s Ontario Agriculture Week here, and in Saskatchewan it’s Agriculture Month – both are held to celebrate the hard work of farm families in producing food and agricultural products. Farmers ...

Want whole grains? Read the label or you might be fooled – I was

The evidence on the benefits of whole grains just keeps on coming. And as the message gets out, people are indeed looking for whole grains over refined ones. But those ...


Sweet Watermelon Pizza

There’s no doubt that watermelon is a summertime favourite. Truth be told, ...

Peach, Tomato and Corn Salad with Haloumi Cheese

    This amazing tasting salad, inspired by my daughter Alyssa, is ...

Quinoa Kale Risotto with Pistachios

  There’s no doubt that pistachios are not only packed with nutrition, ...

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Should you be afraid to eat foods with glyphosate in them?

You’re not alone if you feel as though you’re being gripped by fear of food. Headlines such as “Unsafe levels of a weed killer chemical in oat products, report says” from a few weeks ago and this week’s “Weed-killing chemical found in pasta, cereal and cookies sold in Canada: study” can rip away at your […]

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Whole Grains Month – what’s your new grain of choice?

  It’s Whole Grains Month, a time to celebrate these nuggets of goodness. They’re not just delicious but they also offer a diverse array of weaponry to fight disease. Eating whole grains, rather refined ones, are linked to easier weight management, better blood sugar regulation, decreased blood cholesterol levels and a lower risk of heart […]

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Since when did sugar cereals become back-to-school essentials?

Ask Kellogg Canada and Loblaw how they came up with this It’s back to school time and a time to get into healthy routines. So why do we see promotions such as this current one offered by Real Canadian Superstore, a division of Loblaw Canada, and Kellogg Canada? Spend $200 and you get a “Back […]

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5 health perks to reap while relishing your peaches

  Is there anything better in August then biting into a juicy peach? OK-maybe tomatoes are up there too but it’s pretty close. But truth be told, the nutritional value of peaches may be at the bottom of the list of reasons to eat them. The pleasures of the palate that peaches offer are hard […]

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5 reasons to eat pistachios – just for the health of it

I do love pistachios. But then I have to say, I’m a huge fan of all nuts and seeds though pistachios are up near the top of the list of my favourites. They’re incredibly versatile and can add crunch and nutrition to both meals and snacks. I find they make for a satisfying snack along […]

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Get cracking- more good news to report about eggs

It’s time to stop limiting the eggs you consume-even if you have diabetes. Eggs have so long been vilified as a dietary demon that many people still fear eating them on a regular basis. This is in spite of the accumulating research which has shown that eggs are not the blood cholesterol-boosting food that we […]

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Why not make your own fermented food to reap microbial benefits?

  It seems like not a day goes by without hearing of the health benefits of healthy bacteria. But as is often the case, we look to quick fixes for a healthy microbiome (that collection of trillions of bacteria in your gut). Many turn to a probiotic supplement, perhaps, or a probiotic yogurt and bam, […]

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Walnut-Lentil “Gyros” with Spiced Yogurt

Here’s a taste of the Mediterranean for your Meatless Monday. Eating nuts and seeds, such as walnuts, are a marker for good nutrition. Walnuts, in particular, offer a bounty of omega-3 fats. Add in pulses, vegetables fresh herbs and spices and the nutritional ratings soar. Try this combo from California Walnuts for your dinner tonight. […]

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