The natural sleep remedy melatonin: is it safe and effective?

There’s no doubt that getting enough sleep is key for good health. Too little shut-eye, besides making you feel lousy, is linked to weight gain and a higher risk for ...

Nutrition Month: We need to change our food environment

    While the furor over Weight Watchers offering free memberships to American teens continues, it has brought up a key issue about the growing incidence of overweight and obesity ...

Nutrition Month: Unlock the Potential of Food

  Tomorrow marks the start of Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month with this year’s inspiring theme being Unlock the Potential of Food. While food and nutrition regularly make headlines as ...


Kale, Barley and White Bean Soup

  Kale, Barley and White Bean Soup With the continuing crazy below ...

Blueberry and Apple Muesli – a tasty way to enjoy oats

Here’s a delicious way to reap the health perks of oats, the ...

Roasted Asian Brussels Sprouts

    It’s hard to believe how Brussels sprouts could have been ...

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Have your say on proposed front-of-package labelling in Canada

  Ultra-processed foods– those which contain a host of ingredients you normally cannot find in your kitchen and are often packed with excess sodium, sugar and unhealthy fats – are just too commonplace these days. But steering clear of them is a key strategy for healthy eating. The latest research on more than 100,000 subjects, […]

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Wake Up Weight Watchers

  If you’re active on social media, you may have come across the hashtag #WakeUpWeightWatchers  this past weekend. It’s a response to the company offering a free six-week program to teens as young as 13 to help them with weight loss – as long as they have their parent’s permission. The good news for those […]

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Is your choice of cheese packed with protein? Not all are

There’s no doubt that protein is a hot nutrient: everywhere you look, product labels tout their protein content. The timing of when you eat that protein is also a current topic of discussion as our penchant of saving it all for dinner does a body little good. We’re finally getting the message to spread our […]

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Oats – so much more than just comfort food

Oats –the Whole Grains Council grain of the month Science continues to show how smart our mothers were back when they told us to eat our oatmeal just because it was good for us. Now decades later, a breakfast bowl containing oatmeal, which is chock full of soluble fiber and other top-notch nutrients, may be […]

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Check out these cereal packages showing what’s really in the box

“Mommy, Mommy- I have good news! Trix is part of a balanced breakfast! “. I remember these words like it was yesterday but, in fact, it was many years ago when my older daughter excitedly ran into the kitchen to inform me of this newly discovered information. She had been watching cartoons and saw a […]

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Repost: Have you entered the temple of clean eating?

I’m sad to say that when I wrote this post a couple of years ago, I had hoped that the practice of clean eating would be a short-lived one but alas, it’s something that many people still strive for.  Here’s hoping that in 2018, food choices are made with both health (personal and planetary) and […]

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Did you know egg yolks out muscle egg whites?

At this time of year, when maintaining healthy eating routines can be a tough task indeed, putting a focus on what you should eat rather than what to avoid can help to tame your appetite. One key action is to eat well through the day and, at the top of the list, is eating breakfast […]

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The facts about canola oil

“Many people won’t use canola oil because it is too highly refined. How does refining affect the oil, or does “higher refining” ruin an oil? Or why is it refined, if it is at all?” asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan, Jennifer Burnham. Jennifer, canola oil seems to be one of those foods where much controversy […]

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