Maple Leaf Foods and their Real Foods campaign: Give me a break!

Oh, Maple Leaf Foods, how could you do it again? How could you use kids to scare parents into buying your products? First, there was your commercial of a few ...

Restricting food marketing to kids: doesn’t Health Canada know what’s healthy and what’s not?

Kudos to Health Canada for their continuing efforts to restrict the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to our children. But it seems there is some confusion on the part ...

Why the Mediterranean diet offers so many health benefits

  More on why you should be celebrating International Mediterranean Diet Month When it comes to promoting good health, it seems we are always on the lookout for a magical ...


International Mediterranean Diet Month: Lemony Zucchini Salad with Walnuts

To help you celebrate International Mediterranean Diet Month each and every month, ...

Kale, Barley and White Bean Soup

  Kale, Barley and White Bean Soup With the continuing crazy below ...

Blueberry and Apple Muesli – a tasty way to enjoy oats

Here’s a delicious way to reap the health perks of oats, the ...

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Why you should celebrate International Mediterranean Diet Month

What more can you ask for: delicious and nutritious? Yes, that’s the Mediterranean diet. It’s a feast for the senses while at the same time providing health benefits from head to toe. It’s International Mediterranean Diet Month and there’s no better time to incorporate this eating style into your everyday life. This month marks the […]

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A fabulous new cookbook, Canadian Living Healthy Family Meals – Southwestern Cauliflower Cakes

In my last post, I wrote about the research showing why you should be eating more of these amazing Brassica vegetables. This family vegetables of vegetables is well known as powerful defenders against cancer, but they’ve now been shown to protect arteries as well. Here’s a delicious way to incorporate cauliflower from the book, Canadian […]

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Did you know cauliflower, broccoli and their family members may reduce your stroke risk?

  While the botanical family of vegetables, known as Brassica, has a great reputation as cancer fighters, there’s new research, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, showing that they may also lower the risk of having a stroke. Brassica is the botanical name for illustrious group of vegetables which includes such members […]

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What kind of apple to use for ripening your avocado

If you’re an avocado lover, you know of the difficulties you can encounter when trying to find the perfect avocado – one that’s at the exact stage of ripeness you want. How many times have you approached a huge display of avocados at your local store and after touching more fruits than you can count, […]

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Your questions answered: What’s your take on kefir and probiotics?

Q: “What is your take on Kefir? Sounds good, but aren’t the bacteria killed by the stomach acids? What is the current treatment for gastrointestinal upsets, to get the balance back in the gut? Thanks.”, asks Enlightened Eater reader, Vicky Dekker. A: Kefir, a fermented milk drink that’s originally from the Caucasus Mountains (between Asia […]

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Whole Grains Sampling Day: Oldways Quinoa with Ginger and Carrots

Today is Oldways Whole Grains Sampling Day, a day where we’re being encouraged to sample a variety of different whole grains. It’s a great time to expand your whole grain horizons and think about getting a variety of these tiny nuggets of goodness on to your menu. Too many of us tend to stick to […]

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Nutrition Month: The importance of breaking bread (or matzo) together

At this time of year, many are preparing for their holiday tables, be it Passover or Easter. It’s a time for families to gather and to break bread together-or matzo – depending on which holiday you are celebrating. But the key point here is that families and friends are sitting together and enjoying traditions, food […]

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The natural sleep remedy melatonin: is it safe and effective?

There’s no doubt that getting enough sleep is key for good health. Too little shut-eye, besides making you feel lousy, is linked to weight gain and a higher risk for today’s common illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. As a result, sleep aids are hot sellers. For some, melatonin is the remedy of choice […]

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