Dietitians Day & Why the latest egg study has egg on its face

Today marks the tenth year of celebrating Dietitians Day in Canada. It’s designated as such to shine the spotlight on my fellow dietitians as regulated health care professionals, committed to ...

We dropped home ec because it was sexist. Here’s why we screwed up

Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month – Potential to Discover: Foster healthy eating habits in children by teaching them to shop and cook. Back in the day, home ec classes were ...

Nutrition Month- Unlock the potential of food to bring us together

It’s that time of year again- Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month. This year’s theme of Unlock the Potential of Food shows that food is not just about nutrients. While many ...


Nutrition Month 2019: Crispy Chickpeas and Pumpkin Seeds with Lime

While snacking on hummus and other bean dips is an easy way ...

Almond Flax Bites – A speedy snack to make and enjoy

While snacks are key to bridge the gap between meals, the perfect ...

Stuffed Peppers – a plant-based recipe

In my last post, the issue of ultra-processed plant-based foods was on ...

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Big Food flouts labelling laws yet no one cares

  Where do I begin? Misleading health claims, questionable ingredient lists, new nutrition labelling regulations with meaningless deadlines and questionable enforcement practices – this post is about all of the above. Agropur, the largest dairy company/ cooperative in the country by sales, is behind this ridiculousness with their Nano line of yogurt from iÖGO.  I […]

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A Canadian conundrum: how many peanuts are really in your peanut butter

I’ve been reading a number of social media posts lately about the best way to store natural peanut butter. For many people, that layer of oil on top of natural peanut butter is off putting enough to make them forgo that kind and go for other varieties. Various ideas about getting rid of the oil […]

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Skip the latest study on breakfast but don’t forego the meal

Why was this study even published? If you’ve heard the latest research on breakfast and are now tempted to run out the door without eating breakfast, forget about it. Ignore both the research and the notion that breakfast skipping is a smart idea. It’s not. Breakfast remains as the most important meal of the day. […]

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Keeping our kids’ detox systems healthy

Detoxes and cleanses – we’re just not getting the message that these unproven and expensive regimens – diets and supplements and the like – are simply a waste of time and money. Many people are still looking for that magical elixir and try the latest offering. Just check out the number of hits when you […]

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Has Canada’s Food Guide gone Brazilian?

Yes, I’ve heard that question asked a number of times over the past couple of days. While you may wonder what that’s all about, I knew what Brazilian meant in this context as I had written about the dietary guidelines proposed by the Brazilian Population Ministry of Health a number of years back. It differed […]

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Your questions answered: Are lectins toxic?

Q: I have been reading your posts for years now, and, as a retired dietitian I find it hard to keep up with the pseudoscience and “trends” in diets. I look to you for up to date advice. Now, it’s lectins and a lectin-free diet. What’s that about? Somebody writing a book to make money […]

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Why some of the of the most ultra-processed foods are -wait for it- plant-based

Call me a cynic but I am now wondering if we are heading into fad territory in terms of all these plant-based commercial food products. Before you stop reading my post, hear me out. I’m not saying that plant-based foods are a fad. On the contrary, scientific research points to the huge number of health […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Should I be concerned about pesticides in tea?

  In my last post, I responded to the questions about both chicory tea and decaffeinated teas. In part 2, I’ll tackle those pesky and persistent rumours about pesticides in tea. This issue keeps coming up, in spite of evidence showing they’re not a concern. Apparently this dates to both a CBC Marketplace story back […]

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