Brian Negin

Why lighten up on Chanukah

Every year at Chanukah when I explain my reasoning as to why Chanukah should be a low-fat festival, everyone always comments that my thinking makes sense. The miracle of Chanukah ...

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For Chanukah: The Silver Platter – Simple Elegance – Effortless Recipes

This coming weekend is quite unique: both Chanukah and Christmas coincide. In my entire life I do not ever recall both taking place at the same. Chanukah, the festival of ...

John Twohig

Too much of a good thing: why choose food over supplements

  You once had to be involved in science in some way to know the term polyphenol but in the past decade, these compounds have received more and more attention ...


Courtesy Oldways

Whole Grain Rotini with Smoked Tomatoes, Blue cheese and Sorrel-Infused Oil

In my last post, I offered tips from Barilla Executive Chef Lorenzo ...
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Roasted Cabbage Salad

I love roasted cabbage (try my Roasted Sesame Cabbage and Onions). Mind ...

Whole Grains Month: Roasted Salmon with Tomato and Roasted Garlic Farro

It’s nearing the end of Whole Grains Month but I’m in store ...

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Sea Turtle

Why knowing what’s in packaged food matters

Have your say as to what’s in our food Many people believe that the easiest route to healthy eating is to simply avoid any food that’s packaged. But painting all processed food with the same brush can leave you shortchanged on many nutritious eats as there are a host of processed foods offering a wealth […]

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Rex Roof

Sodium – when you don’t want to be a world leader

  There are times when being a world leader puts you in an enviable position but at other times, it’s the last place you want to be. It would appear that Canada is currently in this position right now with the release of  a new survey  by World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) which […]

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Rodrigo Soldon 2

5 tips for avoiding winter weight gain

Here we go again. It’s that time of year when energy levels wane while appetites and food cravings gear up for winter. As spring approaches and many people take stock of their weight, all too often, they blame holiday eating as the culprit for any extra pounds accumulated over the winter. But in fact, the […]

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This is what bugs me the most about Canada’s new healthy eating strategy

  If you live in Canada, you’ve likely heard the news that on October 24, 2016, the Honourable Jane Philpott, Minister of Health, announced that Health Canada is seeking to help Canadians make healthy food choices. The announcement included a number of strategies and areas that will be targeted including: •    Revising Canada’s Food Guide […]

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6 ways to get whole grain pasta love

Are you celebrating World Pasta Day today? It’s an annual event that got its start in Naples almost 20 years ago.  Since that time, we’ve seen this traditional food take more than its shares of attacks but on this day, let’s set the record straight. Pasta has been an age-old favourite around the world for […]

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Scott & Elaine van der Chijs

Your Facebook questions answered: Are there concerns about arsenic in infants’ rice cereals?

“I recently heard, a few times, that mothers have been advised to avoid rice cereal for infants as a first choice cereal because of arsenic contamination. Any thoughts? My instinct was “Oh, no. One more thing to limit” asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan, Jennifer Burnham Jennifer, unfortunately what you have been hearing is correct. The […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Does food combining make sense?

“Some people swear by it while others dismiss it as just another fad… Does food combining make sense?” asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan, HUGS – Humans Unifying Global Solutions There is a great deal of fact and science fiction when it comes to healthy eating strategies and food combining is up there near of the […]

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Tim Stoll

Are there hidden agendas in nutrition research? Part 2

The secrets of how the sugar industry influenced scientific research decades ago was the topic in my last post. But I also promised you more on conspiracy theories, conflicts of interest and stakeholders and what that really means for you. The guidelines for research sponsorship have indeed changed since the sugar industry’s hidden interference in […]

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