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Almond Flax Bites – A speedy snack to make and enjoy

While snacks are key to bridge the gap between meals, the perfect combo of nuts or seeds and fruit can get pretty boring. Here’s a simple option from the Almond Board of California that includes both ground flaxseed and almonds along with blueberries – a pretty potent mix of nutrients with lots of staying power. […]

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Is there any difference between almonds and almond butter?

  You’re not alone if you think that almonds and peanuts are roughly the same nutritionally as their butters.  But according to accumulating research, you would be wrong.  (Of course, I’m talking about natural almond butter or peanut butter, not those with added fat and sugar that may bear little resemblance to the real thing.) […]

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Ginger Fruit Compote – A heavenly but simple dessert

You don’t even have to eat this compote to enjoy it – a wonderful aroma will permeate your kitchen while you prepare it.  The secret ingredient is the crystallized ginger. I had forgotten about all about this compote until a few weeks ago when a couple of clients told me that they had found the […]

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