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Health Canada may soon protect you from the ravages of butterfish

According to an announcement last week, the dysfunctional relationship between  Health Canada  and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) may be finally coming to an end. It’s about time. The announcement on Health Canada’s website reads, “The CFIA has now joined Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada in reporting to the Honourable […]

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Who’s minding the store? Health Canada’s regulations at risk

According to Health Canada, “Canadians are informed of and protected from health risks associated with food, products, substances and environments, and are informed of the benefits of healthy eating”. Yet here we have what is considered seafood fraud rampant in restaurants across the country. A fish called escolar masquerades on menus, often as butterfish and […]

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There’s something fishy going on in a lot of places

On Monday I posted about my concern with escolar masquerading as  white tuna and butterfish. I did so as a result of a discussion I had on the weekend with a physician who loved butterfish and white tuna but also didn’t know the cause of his occasional stomach upsets after eating sushi.  Little did I […]

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