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Is your choice of cheese packed with protein? Not all are

There’s no doubt that protein is a hot nutrient: everywhere you look, product labels tout their protein content. The timing of when you eat that protein is also a current topic of discussion as our penchant of saving it all for dinner does a body little good. We’re finally getting the message to spread our […]

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Why your low-fat cheese tastes nasty: Ottawa protects farmers, not consumers

Below is an oped I wrote which was published on October 31, 1017 in the National Post (Financial Post section) newspaper. It deals with the unacceptable regulations concerning the making of lower fat cheeses. But first, a few thoughts on Health Canada and the new food guide: There is something truly ground breaking about Health […]

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A delish breakfast offering: Apple Cheese Quesadilla

Here’s a speedy recipe from my book, The Enlightened Eater’s Whole Foods Guide, to help you make 2013 your year of eating breakfast.  It doesn’t taste like typical breakfast food, is portable and is a snap to make. Double, triple or quadruple this recipe. Everyone will want a bite. XXX XXX xxx Apple Cheese Quesadilla […]

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