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Repost: Have you entered the temple of clean eating?

I’m sad to say that when I wrote this post a couple of years ago, I had hoped that the practice of clean eating would be a short-lived one but alas, it’s something that many people still strive for.  Here’s hoping that in 2018, food choices are made with both health (personal and planetary) and […]

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Have you entered the temple of clean eating?

When did enjoying a decadent delight become a sinful pleasure or a guilty indulgence? How did being gluten-free, choosing organic foods or non-GMO options become a badge of honour? How does not doing so seem to put you in the same category as a thief or someone lacking a moral compass? Do I sound paranoid? […]

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Forget clean eating – 2015’s sexiest eating trend is Brazilian

For the past week, my Facebook feed has been full of articles about clean eating along with clean eating recipes. If clean eating has made your resolution list, here’s a radical idea: cross it off your list. Are you surprised that I, as a dietitian, would say this?  First, let me clarify: I haven’t suddenly […]

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