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Who told us coconut oil was healthy? It wasn’t reputable scientists

The headlines are screaming about coconut oil and the fact that science doesn’t consider it to be healthy. Oh No! Coconut Oil Might Not Be As Healthy As We Thought ,  and Coconut oil isn’t as good for you as you might think are just two examples out of dozens that say we’ve been mistaken. But […]

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Coconut oil lowers blood pressure –really?

Have you ever heard of the game Broken Telephone? It’s a kids’ game where you whisper something into the ear of the person next to you. That person does the same until you get to the last one who announces what they have heard. All too often, the outcome has nothing to do with what […]

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Your questions answered: Coconut oil – fact and fiction

“I am hearing friends commenting on coconut oil and claiming it has cholesterol- lowering properties. What about it? It seems to be the new Big thing – is it? Any real benefits using this oil? I have always favoured canola, and olive oils. Am I wrong? Thanks for any info you can provide on coconut […]

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