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Celebrate Earth Day in your kitchen- Grow your produce waste

  Today is Earth Day and what better time to turn your kitchen into a garden. Kitchens have become the hub once again as many are furiously cooking and baking. Why not add some gardening to the mix and at the same time, decrease food waste? With grocery store visits being infrequent or not at […]

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Here’s what to do if stress makes you unable to eat

In my previous posts, I’ve talked about the issue of stress, cravings and mindless eating. But there are many people who simply can’t eat as they try to cope with the surreal world we’re living in. For some, especially those who are isolated on their own, the stress can make eating a difficult task. For […]

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Your questions answered: How do you bring groceries into your home?

You’re not alone if you’ve been worrying about how to bring your groceries into your home safely. I’ve received a number of queries from readers. There’s currently a video by a family doctor which has been widely circulated and it’s creating needless stress- to put it mildly! If you have watched this video, relax and […]

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