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Halloumi Cheese with Tomato Blueberry Salad

  Blueberries offer a potent array of weaponry against a long list of ills including heart disease and stroke, diabetes and cognitive decline. Scientists are now discovering the compounds and  mechanisms at work which defend against disease.  These berries not only protect endothelial function and boost insulin sensitivity but also act as a prebiotic and […]

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5 smart strategies for a healthy endothelium

  Maintaining a healthy endothelium may indeed be the foundation to keeping your arteries in good shape yet it’s a tactic that’s all too frequently left out of the discussion about heart health. Here are  5 smart strategies  that may arm your endothelium with weaponry to fight off assaults: •    Go for healthy fats Research […]

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How’s your endothelium? The heart health element you should know about

When it comes to the link between affairs of the heart and nutritious eats, the goal is most often maintaining healthy arteries. But the endothelium is an important aspect that’s usually left out of the discussion – and it’s definitely one you should know more about. The endothelium is the lining of your blood vessel […]

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