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Oprah’s shocking lack of self-esteem

  l I expected more from Oprah. This incredibly powerful woman implies that she cannot fulfill her potential because she’s overweight. In her commercial  for Weight Watchers, entitled Oprah’s New Weight Watchers Journey , she comes out with the following statements: “Inside every overweight woman is the woman she knows she can be.” “You’ve gotten […]

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Women-it’s time to open our big mouths

Not that I’m a fan but if you’re a woman and want to chow down on a double-sized burger, then I say go for it. But if you’re a Japanese woman living in her home country, a large open mouth is considered to be ugly and rude. Women with ochobo – a small and modest […]

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How to build up your children’s self-esteem and body image

Love thyself. Yes, that’s what I said. Love thyself – especially if your body is not to your liking. It’s one of the most important things to teach your child. I thought of how times have changed from the past few generations until now as I was reading a blog post by Kim Bongiorno entitled, […]

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