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Is the supplement industry putting profit and competition before our babies’ health?

This is not a question I want to ask but it’s one that I must. In my last post, the topic was mainly about the concept of supplement excess. But when it comes to the B vitamin folic acid and pregnancy, either too little or too much can potentially have unwanted effects on babies. The […]

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Folic acid: Can you get too much of a good thing?

Folic acid has certainly been getting a lot of  attention this past week. For pregnant women, meeting their quota of this member of the B vitamin family is critical to the health of their newborn:  research shows  a strong protective link between  women taking folic acid supplements before becoming pregnant  and  a decreased risk  of […]

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Eating for your genes

It’s a new dawn in the link between your genes and what you put on your plate. Do you get frustrated reading about nutrition research? Have you noticed that when a new study touting the benefit of a certain food is published, soon after another one, which has the opposite conclusion, makes the headlines? For […]

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