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Go for your greens- they’re safe

Today’s headlines about leafy green vegetables might leave you wanting to skip this section of the produce aisles. “Leafy greens top source of food poisoning in U.S.” and “Leafy green vegetables top source of food poisoning: CDC” screamed just a few of the numerous headlines.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released study […]

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Food safety protocols with California greens- lessons learned

You have to wonder what changes we are going to see in the meat inspection system in Canada following the debacle with XL Foods Inc.. Week after week, even months after the initial red flags were raised about E. coli contamination, various products and stores were added to the recall list, making it the largest […]

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Do you pay attention to food recalls?

It seems like food recalls have become the norm, whether they’re about undeclared ingredients on a food label or possible foodborne illness. But how much attention do you really pay to these recalls? The latest involves mangoes grown in Mexico which may harbour the bacteria Salmonella. If you live in Ontario, you may glanced over […]

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