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Your Facebook questions answered: What’s a better choice: butter or vegetable oil?

  “Cooking with butter may be more heart healthy than vegetable or oil.” This article is so bad–butter is better than margarine or shortening but they’re touting it is better than (generic) oil?! As much as I would like to believe that I should*eat butter with abandon….” says Enlightened Eater Facebook fan, Karen Jorgensen Cooper. […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Grain Brain and gluten-free

“Rosie – I’m wondering your thoughts on gluten free, the book Grain Brain and David Perlmutter.”, asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Jennifer Burnham. Jennifer, you’re not alone in wondering about the validity of the book, Grain Brain. It has certainly received a lot of attention. In my opinion, it’s a smattering of science mixed in […]

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Want to slow down the ravages of time? Slash your AGEs

Want to slow down the ravages of  time? Then it may be time to slash your AGEs. No –  we’re not talking about fibbing about your date of birth  or plastic surgery to look younger but the lessening of the effects of harmful substances known as  AGEs or  advanced glycation end products.  And according to […]

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