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Your Facebook questions answered: Is VitaFiber too good to be true?

  “I have a question for you about something a co-worker of mine just ordered on Amazon. It’s called VitaFiber. Are you aware of it? It sounds too good to be true, so I told him I’d ask you about it & see what you thought.”, says Enlightened Eater Facebook fan, Alison Smiley. Alison, something […]

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Iced Mint Green Tea with Lime

Green tea offers a bounty of health benefits including improved insulin sensitivity. Here’s a refreshing way to enjoy it at any time of year.  But remember, since green tea can boost metabolic rate, for some this is best to be served earlier in the day. Iced Mint Green Tea  with Lime Makes 4 – 6 […]

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Five top foods to boost insulin sensitivity

Maintaining insulin sensitivity is key to promoting good health. In my last post,  I pointed to elevated insulin levels being a major culprit in disease development. Lifestyle – both enlightened eating and active living – can  play a major role in keeping insulin readings in check. In addition,  accumulating research  shows that low blood  levels […]

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