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The healthwashing of kale

                                                                Is kale the new oat bran? i By now you have  heard that McDonald’s kale salad has more calories than a Double Big Mac. A CBC news report states that once you plop the accompanying Asiago Caesar dressing on the “crispy chicken” version, the salad’s nutritional profile doesn’t look so good. According to McDonald’s […]

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Yummy But Light Kale Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is a  perennial favourite. But when made in the customary way, it can be loaded with fat. The same goes for commercial croutons which besides not being made with whole grains, may also contain both plenty of fat and sodium. Here’s a  lighter option that’s definitely a family favourite. Make it with kale […]

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Wisdom of the ages- bringing kale back to the French

Have you heard about The Kale Project? It began as an initiative to reintroduce this nutrition-packed leafy green vegetable to Paris. Reintroduce? It seems that the French had too much of these vegetables during the time of food shortages during World War II. The French might want to take a lesson from the Mediterranean Diet. It, […]

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