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Protein powder or real food – what’s really best?

Have you noticed the displays of gargantuan containers of protein powder for sale at all kinds of stores? When you see them advertised in Costco flyers, you know they’ve gone from the domain of body builders to the everyday consumer. The same goes for protein bars. Then there’s the choice of whey, soy, hemp or […]

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The defeat of Bill C-460 – Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada

There is bad news to report:  On May 8th, Canada’s Members of Parliament defeated a bill  that would have had a major impact in promoting the health of Canadians. Bill C-460 – Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada  incorporated the recommendations of Health Canada’s own expert committee on methods to reduce the sodium intakes of Canadians. […]

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Tim Hortons’ sodium minefield and Health Canada inaction

When it comes to the villains of the fast food world, McDonalds is often put forth as a chief example.  In the meantime, Canada’s favourite coffee chain, Tim Hortons,  lurks quietly behind the scenes without getting much negative attention. But if you’re a Timmie’s fan, do you have any idea of the minefield of sodium […]

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