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Why the PURE study isn’t exactly pure science

And certainly not worthy of the headlines it’s getting Here we go again: it seems that research that goes against the grain gets the most attention and make for the sexiest headlines. “Low fat diets could kill you, major study shows” is one that certainly catches your eye, wouldn’t you say? “Huge new study casts […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: How healthy is canola oil?

“How healthy is canola oil?” asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Gillian Mcdougall. Gillian, many people wonder about canola’s oils health benefits, especially since rumours began circulating quite some time ago via cyberspace of its supposed dangers. You can name a health condition or disease and canola’s been blamed as the culprit behind it. The alleged […]

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Detecting olive oil impostors

“It’s so hard to know what olive oil to choose because so much of it is actually fraudulent….apparently mixed with soy oil.”  commented  Enlightened Eater Facebook fan,  Jennifer Kehler. Jennifer, you’re right.  News stories about fraudulent extra virgin olive oil seem to appear on a regular basis.  Some refer to extra virgin olive oil being […]

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