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Get ready for a whole lot of baloney – processed meat and cancer

Natural deli meat producers will have a field day You’re likely going to hear, if you haven’t already, countless news stories today about the World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement about the risks of eating processed meat.  Processed meat refers to meat that has been transformed through salting, curing, fermentation, smoking, or other processes. WHO’s International […]

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A lot of baloney

“But just because bologna is unfashionable does not mean that it deserves its bad rap.” says Globe and Mail writer, Wency Leung in an article entitled, “Is the rap against bologna just a bunch of baloney?” She points to Dr. David Richardson, editor of the British Columbia Medical Journal, who states that he grew up […]

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Are non-nitrate processed meats any better for you?

A Facebook fan asks to clear up the confusion when it comes to processed meats and cancer-causing nitrates. “Can you explain the hype over the new (Schneiders) non-nitrate meats? I’ve heard that they are cured with beet and celery juice or salt, and that they have just as many nitrates. Do some vegetables have cancer-causing […]

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