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5 smart strategies for a healthy endothelium

  Maintaining a healthy endothelium may indeed be the foundation to keeping your arteries in good shape yet it’s a tactic that’s all too frequently left out of the discussion about heart health. Here are  5 smart strategies  that may arm your endothelium with weaponry to fight off assaults: •    Go for healthy fats Research […]

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Detecting olive oil impostors

“It’s so hard to know what olive oil to choose because so much of it is actually fraudulent….apparently mixed with soy oil.”  commented  Enlightened Eater Facebook fan,  Jennifer Kehler. Jennifer, you’re right.  News stories about fraudulent extra virgin olive oil seem to appear on a regular basis.  Some refer to extra virgin olive oil being […]

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Bringing the Mediterranean home

Over the years, the word diet has come to mean an eating pattern that will likely leave you feeling deprived.  But in fact, it really refers to whatever it is that you eat. The Mediterranean diet is a perfect example.  It signifies the eating regime  identified back in the 1950s when American  scientist Ancel Keys […]

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