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What do Passover and Easter have in common? Chocolate, of course!

What do Passover and Easter have in common? While Passover may seem to be all about matzo, those celebrating the holiday know that it’s also about chocolate. Just check any store selling Passover goods and you’ll see shelf after shelf of the confection. It’s also about eggs, which seem to be in so many offerings. […]

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Vegetable and Cheese Matzo Sandwich – delicious & nutritious

If you’re celebrating Passover next week, there may be many meat-centric meal ahead of you. Even for vegetarians, this holiday can present challenges in terms of lighter fare. Somehow the recipes all seem to prepare us to go out into the desert for a very long time without food. Here’s a quick light lunch (or […]

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A delish quinoa dish for Passover (or anytime): Citrus Quinoa Salad

This Monday marks the start of Passover, the Jewish celebration commemorating the freedom of the Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt.  There are many symbols of the festival but none is better known than matzo.  In their haste to flee Egypt, the Jews could not wait for their bread to rise and thus, unleavened bread […]

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