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5 easy ways to help stop portion distortion

Portion distortion is definitely a major contributor to girth control issues. Even if you’re going for healthy options (other than maybe low-calorie vegetables),  large servings can make the calories and pounds add up. While everyone knows that large servings of  high calorie fare such as  cake, cookies and fried snack foods can contribute to weight […]

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Why can’t we also have 8-oz cups at self-serve frozen yogurt shops?

I’ve had it with this crazy portion distortion  at self-serve frozen yogurt shops —  shops that seem to be opening at a fast and furious pace.  They all have gargantuan 16 ounce cups, waiting to be filled.   The popularity of  frozen yogurt appears to go hand in hand with our increased awareness and desire to […]

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Top 10 steps to becoming an enlightened eater (Part 2)

Here are the last five of my 10 steps that can help provide the foundation to make smart food choices – food choices that can become habits. Life’s too busy to spend most of your waking hours trying to figure out how to eat healthy. A key point that’s worth repeating is that in order […]

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