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Folic acid: Can you get too much of a good thing?

Folic acid has certainly been getting a lot of  attention this past week. For pregnant women, meeting their quota of this member of the B vitamin family is critical to the health of their newborn:  research shows  a strong protective link between  women taking folic acid supplements before becoming pregnant  and  a decreased risk  of […]

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Hooked on tuna? Go Canadian!

Tuna gets a bad rap- Canadian tuna, that is. Warnings abound about the risks of eating tuna due to the potential consequences of  ingesting mercury.  Even Health Canada  offers advice on the types of fish that should be eaten less often and tuna is at the top of the list.  Yet somehow Canadian tuna from […]

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There’s something fishy going on in a lot of places

On Monday I posted about my concern with escolar masquerading as  white tuna and butterfish. I did so as a result of a discussion I had on the weekend with a physician who loved butterfish and white tuna but also didn’t know the cause of his occasional stomach upsets after eating sushi.  Little did I […]

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