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Sodium complicit in undermining gut bacteria – collusion

We’ve all heard it so many times: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Considering both mounting scientific research and gender equality, it really should now be changed to a person‘s heart. It seems the gut, whether you’re a male or female, with its diverse collection of bacteria (a.k.a. the microbiome) plays […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: What’s the best diet for arthritis sufferers?

  Q: “Recently a friend asked why I wasn’t following an anti-inflammatory diet (gluten, dairy, sugar and red meat free – from a naturopath) for my arthritis. The diet was prescribed to her for psoriatic arthritis. However, mine is osteoarthritis (OA). So, I was looking for some thoughts on arthritis-related diet. Perhaps leaning towards anti-inflammatory […]

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