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Protein: what’s the best time to eat it?

In a recent post, I covered the issues of protein requirements but I also touched on the timing of consuming that protein. Spreading it out through the day, rather than the typical pattern of having a protein-heavy dinner, offers numerous health perks including weight control benefits. But here’s some surprising news: the order in which […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Am I getting enough protein?

Question: “I make all my food from scratch – bread, soups, sauces, casseroles, muesli, yogurt, etc. I never buy prepared foods. In addition, while I am not a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat, except chicken, fish, and seafood two or three times a week. I also eat dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Eggs, […]

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The best time of day to eat protein

Protein is hot.  While sugar and fat have had their reputations tarnished at various times – look at  sugar right  now – protein’s star is on the rise.  You can tell just by looking at food packages   trumpeting their protein content or added protein.  Protein bars, protein drinks and even added protein cereals are all […]

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