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Quinoa: the crop that’s changed the life of its farmers

  Do you remember the uproar a few years back when news reports described how the popularity of quinoa was negatively affecting quinoa farmers in South America? The story was that ethical consumers needed to be aware that quinoa farmers could no longer afford to feed their families because of our love affair with the […]

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Bob’s Red Mill Everyday Gluten-Free Cookbook: Hoisin Chicken and Chard with Chili Garlic Quinoa

I first met the folks from Bob’s Red Mill over a decade ago at one of the early Whole Grains Council conferences. They were definitely passionate about their grain products – ones that were very uncommon in those days.  But when I returned home, packages of  Bob’s Red Mill were nowhere to be found. They […]

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A delish quinoa dish for Passover (or anytime): Citrus Quinoa Salad

This Monday marks the start of Passover, the Jewish celebration commemorating the freedom of the Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt.  There are many symbols of the festival but none is better known than matzo.  In their haste to flee Egypt, the Jews could not wait for their bread to rise and thus, unleavened bread […]

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