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Grilled Chicken, Rhubarb and Asparagus Salad

Rhubarb and asparagus are two foods that are responsible for much excitement at this time each year. They’re the first signs of the season signaling that plenty of local bounty is to come in a not too distant future. (Arugula is also one of the first to come up in my garden as well!)  And […]

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One more yummy rhubarb recipe: Rhubarb Blueberry Crumble

As requested by a rhubarb lover on my Facebook page, I am posting this delicious nutrient-packed dessert from my book, The Enlightened Eater’s Whole Foods Guide. You can substitute any other fruits, if you like, as they come into but you might want to cut down  on the amount of  sugar you use in the […]

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Six top reasons to eat rhubarb

The appearance of rhubarb leaves peeking through the ground in my garden is one of the first signs of spring sets my heart aflutter:  it  brings anticipation about the bounty of local produce soon to come. Local rhubarb, along with asparagus and strawberries, is just one  of the treats that start off the parade of […]

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