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Chili Lime Popcorn Snack Mix – Whole grains for Cinco de Mayo

Savoury snack foods tend to have a somewhat unsavoury reputation, nutritionally speaking. Many are ultra-processed and deep-fried with some wearing an undeserved health halo simply for including one vegetable or another in the product’s name. Then there’s popcorn. While it’s often forgotten, popcorn is a whole grain and a super way to add whole grains […]

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Seeking smart lower sodium choices for kids (or for anyone) is not an easy task

There’s no doubt about it: Canadians consume too much sodium. But it’s not because of anyone having a heavy hand with the salt shaker- in spite of what Conservative MPs would have you believe. In providing reasons why they won’t support Bill C-460 – Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada Act, they state that they don’t  […]

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