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What are the advantages to eating sprouted grains and pulses?

You’ve likely noticed the term sprouted on an increasing number of packaged foods these days. As scientific research recognizes the health benefits of sprouting, food manufacturers are bringing a quickly expanding variety of products, such as breads and flours, to the marketplace. For a change, it’s an example of food processing that offers nutritional perks. […]

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Want whole grains? Read the label or you might be fooled – I was

The evidence on the benefits of whole grains just keeps on coming. And as the message gets out, people are indeed looking for whole grains over refined ones. But those refined products can sneak into your shopping cart, even if you’re nutritionally savvy. First, here’s the latest research on whole grains. In a study, published […]

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Your Facebook questioned answered: The benefits of sprouted grains/breads

“I too am curious about the advantages (if any) sprouted grains/bread.”, says Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Karen Jorgenson Cooper. Karen, you are definitely not alone in your interest in the advantages of sprouted grains. Sprouted grains, what used to be a consequence of grains being left in the fields after harvesting, are now appearing on […]

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