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Your Facebook questions answered: Should I be concerned about pesticides in tea?

  In my last post, I responded to the questions about both chicory tea and decaffeinated teas. In part 2, I’ll tackle those pesky and persistent rumours about pesticides in tea. This issue keeps coming up, in spite of evidence showing they’re not a concern. Apparently this dates to both a CBC Marketplace story back […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Is chicory tea a stimulant? What about decaf tea?

Question: “I have a new question which came up at our local tai chi class. Having tea at each class is part of the ritual but of course there are many who can’t have/won’t have caffeine so herbal teas are made instead. Now people are throwing out herbal teas with chicory because of the belief […]

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Teatoxing: Give me a break!

Get ready for the onslaught of stories about how to get ready for bathing suit season. If it aggravates you as much as it does me, check out this great blog post entitled, “How I Finally Got A Bikini Body. Want a bikini body? It’s easier than you think to get one.” Bathing suit season […]

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5 smart strategies for a healthy endothelium

  Maintaining a healthy endothelium may indeed be the foundation to keeping your arteries in good shape yet it’s a tactic that’s all too frequently left out of the discussion about heart health. Here are  5 smart strategies  that may arm your endothelium with weaponry to fight off assaults: •    Go for healthy fats Research […]

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