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Why knowing what’s in packaged food matters

Have your say as to what’s in our food Many people believe that the easiest route to healthy eating is to simply avoid any food that’s packaged. But painting all processed food with the same brush can leave you shortchanged on many nutritious eats as there are a host of processed foods offering a wealth […]

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Are there hidden agendas in nutrition research? Part 2

The secrets of how the sugar industry influenced scientific research decades ago was the topic in my last post. But I also promised you more on conspiracy theories, conflicts of interest and stakeholders and what that really means for you. The guidelines for research sponsorship have indeed changed since the sugar industry’s hidden interference in […]

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The top five strategies for keeping your body’s detox system in shape

You might think that detoxifying your body can be a daunting task. If you search  “detox diets” on the internet, you’ll only get about four million hits but if you go for “detox supplements”, the results skyrocket up to over seven million. Instead of wasting hard earned dollars on cleanses and supplements to rid your […]

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