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Maple Leaf Foods and their Real Foods campaign: Give me a break!

Oh, Maple Leaf Foods, how could you do it again? How could you use kids to scare parents into buying your products? First, there was your commercial of a few years ago, where poor Dylan sat alone in the neighbourhood and could not eat hot dogs until you came out with your Natural Selections. No […]

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Have your say on proposed front-of-package labelling in Canada

  Ultra-processed foods– those which contain a host of ingredients you normally cannot find in your kitchen and are often packed with excess sodium, sugar and unhealthy fats – are just too commonplace these days. But steering clear of them is a key strategy for healthy eating. The latest research on more than 100,000 subjects, […]

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Why knowing what’s in packaged food matters

Have your say as to what’s in our food Many people believe that the easiest route to healthy eating is to simply avoid any food that’s packaged. But painting all processed food with the same brush can leave you shortchanged on many nutritious eats as there are a host of processed foods offering a wealth […]

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