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Bone broth: Are the benefits based on science or science fiction?

Move over coffee shops. Bone broth cafes have taken over in many cities as customers pay big bucks for cups of bone broths. Meanwhile those who know their way around the kitchen are simmering pots of bones for up to 48 hours for their own potions. So what’s the fuss all about and is it […]

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Your Facebook questions answered: Vitamin D and arthritis pain

“I’ve  read that there’s evidence that vitamin D has analgesic effects for those with arthritis pain. Do you know anything about this?”, asks Enlightened Eater Facebook fan Alison Smiley. Alison, there is certainly a lot of scientific research being conducted on the subject of vitamin D and pain, in particular arthralgia or joint pain. Most […]

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Eating for your genes

It’s a new dawn in the link between your genes and what you put on your plate. Do you get frustrated reading about nutrition research? Have you noticed that when a new study touting the benefit of a certain food is published, soon after another one, which has the opposite conclusion, makes the headlines? For […]

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