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Walnut-Lentil “Gyros” with Spiced Yogurt

Here’s a taste of the Mediterranean for your Meatless Monday. Eating nuts and seeds, such as walnuts, are a marker for good nutrition. Walnuts, in particular, offer a bounty of omega-3 fats. Add in pulses, vegetables fresh herbs and spices and the nutritional ratings soar. Try this combo from California Walnuts for your dinner tonight. […]

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Blueberry, Watermelon and Walnut Salad

While ice cream may be an occasional summertime treat,  blueberries and watermelon can certainly give it a run for its money as seasonal favourites. And when you combine their arsenal of disease-fighting weaponry, their appeal can’t be beat. This recipe,   adapted from BC Blueberries,  combines both nutrition-packed favourites along with another  superstar, walnuts. If you […]

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5 smart strategies for a healthy endothelium

  Maintaining a healthy endothelium may indeed be the foundation to keeping your arteries in good shape yet it’s a tactic that’s all too frequently left out of the discussion about heart health. Here are  5 smart strategies  that may arm your endothelium with weaponry to fight off assaults: •    Go for healthy fats Research […]

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