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Want whole grains? Read the label or you might be fooled – I was

The evidence on the benefits of whole grains just keeps on coming. And as the message gets out, people are indeed looking for whole grains over refined ones. But those refined products can sneak into your shopping cart, even if you’re nutritionally savvy. First, here’s the latest research on whole grains. In a study, published […]

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Kasha Varnishkes (a.k.a. bow ties)

Whole Grains Month is coming to an end as are the Jewish High Holidays (next week). This is a time of year where traditional favourites have to make an appearance on the menu and up there on my family’s list are kasha varnishkes or kasha and bow ties. Kasha or buckwheat, although it resembles and […]

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6 top reasons to love barley

It’s September and that means it’s time to celebrate Whole Grains Month. And there’s no better time to be adventurous in your whole grain eating. Including barley is a super way to start. All too often, it’s used only in soups but considering its wonderfully chewy texture, surprising versatility and nutritional perks, it’s under-utilized. Barley’s […]

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