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The furor over processed meat, red meat and cancer

It would appear that the recommendations to avoid processed meat, which really translates into eating it on an occasional basis, rather than daily, has led to many expressing outrage.  Some believe that the guidelines say these foods must be banished completely and find the concept ridiculous.  And so they should.  Eating these foods once in […]

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Get ready for a whole lot of baloney – processed meat and cancer

Natural deli meat producers will have a field day You’re likely going to hear, if you haven’t already, countless news stories today about the World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement about the risks of eating processed meat.  Processed meat refers to meat that has been transformed through salting, curing, fermentation, smoking, or other processes. WHO’s International […]

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Why is Health Canada leading us astray?

Last year, after Health Canada ‘s  announcement  of  their  nutrition labelling initiative,  it appeared that  real change was on the horizon.  Rather than confusing Canadians about smart healthy eating choices, Health Canada, the federal agency mandated to protect our health, would be providing clear direction as to how to be an enlightened eater.  Health Canada […]

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