Update on the egg-smoking study: The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario responds

Here’s an update to my criticism of the egg-smoking study:  In the comments section, dietitian and author, Diana Dyer, asked “So my question is not why was this study published, but backing up to ask instead why was this study even funded as poorly designed as it was? Who funded the study?”

To answer to her question, I checked with the University of Western Ontario and received the funding information from Kathy Wallis, Media Relations Officer.  Part of her answer included the following:

“The maintenance of the database used in the study is funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.”

Well it seems that the Heart and Stroke Foundation took exception to this and asked me where this information originated. Apparently, they had nothing to do with this  study.

Carol Dombrow, Heart and Stroke Foundation Registered Dietitian,  provided me with the following statement:
“Dr. David Spence is a long-time Heart and Stroke Foundation researcher.  The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Ontario has funded various research projects.  However, HSF did not provide a grant for this particular project.

Heart and Stroke’s position on eggs is that eggs can be consumed in moderation among healthy Canadians. For individuals without heart disease, diabetes or high blood cholesterol, eggs are a good and affordable source of protein and nutrition. Canada’s Food Guide includes eggs as part of a nutritious diet.

Because dietary cholesterol can play a role in elevated cholesterol levels, the Foundation advises those with heart disease, high blood cholesterol or diabetes to limit dietary cholesterol to less than 200 mg/day.”

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Author:Rosie Schwartz

Rosie Schwartz is a Toronto-based consulting dietitian and writer.

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