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The long awaited KFC answer

Earlier in the week, I solicited your help via Why won’t KFC share nutrition info about their VEGGIES?! to get answers.  Well, it worked! I want to thank everyone for their efforts. Here’s the info: •    Vegetable Harvest Blend Small: 45 calories & 100 milligrams sodium •    Vegetable Harvest Blend Medium: 110 calories & 250 […]

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Why won’t KFC share nutrition info about their VEGGIES?!

Dear Blog Readers, I am enlisting your help. A  couple  of weeks ago,  a Facebook fan commented  that KFC Canada had introduced mixed vegetables. She didn’t have a lot of faith in the nutritional value of the meal, even with the added vegetables. I’m all for fast food chains offering healthier options. What I don’t […]

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