Why won’t KFC share nutrition info about their VEGGIES?!

Dear Blog Readers,

I am enlisting your help.

A  couple  of weeks ago,  a Facebook fan commented  that KFC Canada had introduced mixed vegetables. She didn’t have a lot of faith in the nutritional value of the meal, even with the added vegetables.

I’m all for fast food chains offering healthier options. What I don’t like is when said options are, in fact,  teeming with sodium and fat – in other words, just food designed to lure in those who care about what they eat.

Call it health washing.

It’s the reason why when these mixed vegetables were mentioned to me, I went to KFC Canada’s website to find the nutrition information.  But because KFC Canada doesn’t list their nutrition information.  I then tweeted them for the information.

My first tweet to KFC Canada asking for the information and why they don’t have this information on their website was on July 4th. I tweeted them again a few times since and received no answer.

They have responded to other tweets since my requests. Here’s just one of their responses and a photo they posted.

To continue to ignore my tweets certainly makes you wonder what’s in their mixed vegetables.

Opponents of menu labelling at point of purchase say it’s unnecessary as it’s all online. But it’s nowhere to be found  at KFC Canada.

Maybe we all can get an answer. If you’re on Twitter, please tweet the following to KFC:

What’s in your Harvest Vegetable Blend @KFC_canada? #enlightenusplease

Let’s do this.

What are your thoughts on KFC offering vegetables? Have you tried to contact food companies about their nutrition information? Please share any experiences in the comment section below

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Author:Rosie Schwartz

Rosie Schwartz is a Toronto-based consulting dietitian and writer.

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