As a dietitian and nutrition writer, I’m often invited to various food events, though, the one I attended on Giving Tuesday, was definitely quite unique. It was called #RandomActsofCooking and took place at Toronto’s Dish Cooking Studio but instead of someone presenting information or a cooking demonstration, we, the participants, were invited to share in providing some wholesome food for others. I have to say, the event was indeed inspirational.

The #RandomActsofCooking, put on by Tre Stelle, the makers of a variety of Italian cheeses, called for the participants to prepare a dish called Ricotta Pasta Bake, in large quantities, They would then be distributed in individual servings by Food Share Toronto, a non-profit organization that delivers both food and food education to both communities and schools. The hundreds of nutritious meals we were preparing were to be distributed to places such community centres and seniors residences across Toronto.






The campaign, which kicked off with this event, encourages Canadians to share their random acts of cooking and inspire others. Tre Stelle will donate $1 to Food Share for each social media share using #RandomActsofCooking up to $5000.

These random acts can be cooking for someone who is unable to prepare food on their own or it can simply be about making a special dish for a loved one. Participants are encouraged to nominate three of their friends to do the same, inspiring a wave of giving that will create positive change in communities across the country.

At this time of year, when everybody is busy with holiday preparations, instead of just thinking of gift giving, it’s really a good time to think about giving of ourselves, something this event brought home to me. I do have to say, it’s always good to be reminded that even when I’m busy, it’s important to try to find ways of paying it forward. Cooking seems like a very simple one.

Why not nominate someone by tagging them on social media?

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Author:Rosie Schwartz

Rosie Schwartz is a Toronto-based consulting dietitian and writer.

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