Give two gifts with one purchase: Mercy Ships & Taste Club

Photo Credit Katie Keegan - Hospital Crew

Photo Credit Katie Keegan – Mercy Ships Hospital Crew

Are you racking your brain trying to come up with a great present for a food lover in your life? If you’re in the mood to give, why not make your gift count for even more this year?  Make the recipient happy and at the same time,  go with the giving sentiment of the season.  A  monthly Taste Club delivery through Mercy Ships can accomplish  both.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has been providing free life changing medical care for people in vulnerable nations, primarily West Africa. Mercy Ships operates the world’s largest charity hospital ship which is home to 450 volunteers from around the world.  The volunteers range from surgeons and  cooks to  engineers and housekeepers. In addition to their surgical programs and because Mercy Ships believes in a holistic approach to health care,  the Food for Life and the Infant Feeding Program exist.

The programs involve partnering with local agencies to help families and communities learn practical and natural food-producing skills that reduce malnutrition and increase food security.  The goal of the program is to train people in organic farming methods and in leadership principles. These trainees will, in turn, teach others in their communities.

©2015 Mercy Ships - Photo Credit Katie Keegan - Ward Nurse Jarah Nordin (USA) plays with Stivanna of Madagascar on Deck 7

©2015 Mercy Ships – Photo Credit Katie Keegan – Ward Nurse Jarah Nordin (USA) plays with Stivanna of Madagascar on Deck 7

The program has been duplicated in Sierra Leone, Togo, Guinea and the Republic of Congo. Improved crops and conservation-oriented farming methods result in more income and better health for the farmers, their families and their communities.  Simply put, it has the potential of transforming food-growing in the country, as it improves the financial status of those involved.

Read more about Mercy Ships here.

The Taste Club

Those who sign up for the Taste Club have crafted baskets delivered to their doorstep every month. Each box is packed full of hand-selected artisan products from all over the world which have been discovered by Eat.Feed.Love through travelling and discovering new markets, visiting family farms, and collecting delicious foods.

MercyShips-_teste club 1 (1)

Eat Feed Love is committed to feeding a person in need with every purchase made, and was created with the purpose of aiding in the fight against world hunger through the discovery of great food.
Items include a variety of spreads, condiments, jams, honeys, syrups, cooking sauces, oils, vinegars, salts, spices, seasonings, chocolate and cocktail mixers and more. Think products such as Dandelion Chocolate, Rhubarb Relish, Mast Brothers chocolate, Stumptown Coffee Roasters coffee, and L’Epicurian jam.

Not only is every box filled with delicious goodies, it’s also a great way to give back!

Pricing: Month to month is 34.95 a month – pause or cancel any time. Three months is $99 save $5 and six months is $195 – save $15. There is free shipping on all orders. Get 50% off the first month with the coupon code: mercyships.

This month’s box  features foods and recipes from the country of Madagascar and 10% of all sales will go to Mercy Ships.

If you’ve already finished all your shopping, why not give yourself a delicious and worthwhile gift?

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Author:Rosie Schwartz

Rosie Schwartz is a Toronto-based consulting dietitian and writer.

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