Za’atar Roasted Vegetables & Lentils

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Here’s a perfect combo of flavours, from, for this time of year. Roasting, especially with a generous amount of za’atar, brings out the best of so many vegetables. Note that the red lentils called for are whole (versus those that are split which are great for soups). As there are plenty of servings – more than you might want at one time – reserve some of the kale and goat cheese to serve if you’re planning on leftovers.

Za’atar Roasted Vegetables & Lentils

½ lb (250 g) baby heirloom/rainbow carrots, washed and stems trimmed
½ lb (250 g) whole red lentils, cooked
½ lb (250g) turnips, peeled and julienned
¼ cup (60 mL) canola oil
3 Tbsp (45 mL) za’atar
2 tsp (10 mL) lemon zest
¼ cup (60 mL) lemon juice
¾ lb (350 g) lacinado kale, ribs removed and leaves julienned
8 oz (250 g) Goat’s cheese, crumbled

Preheat oven to 375⁰F (190⁰C).

In a large bowl, combine carrots, lentils, turnips, oil, za’atar, and lemon zest.
Transfer to a large sheet tray and roast for 35 minutes, until the vegetables are cooked through and golden brown.

While the vegetables are roasting, mix kale with lemon juice and allow to marinate for at least 2 minutes.
When the vegetables are ready, serve over a bed of kale and garnish with crumbled Goat’s cheese.

Serve hot or hold hot.

Makes 10 servings

Nutrition information per 1-cup serving:
• Calories: 180
• Protein: 7 grams
• Fat: 11 grams
• Saturated fat: 4 grams
• Carbohydrate: 13 grams
• Dietary fibre: 4 grams
• Sodium: 280 milligrams

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Author:Rosie Schwartz

Rosie Schwartz is a Toronto-based consulting dietitian and writer.

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