Reading the news may be bad for your health

ee-newspaperJust as Bill C-460 The Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada Act was defeated by the Canadian government, the headlines on sodium seemed to back up the MPs who have abandoned their constituents’ health.

But keep in mind that headlines are meant to catch your attention and as happens all too often, they don’t tell the whole story.

The headlines screamed about the dangers of a low sodium diet.

Here’s a sampling:

But hold on, what’s this debate about? Our average intake is a whopping 3400 milligrams a day – that’s more than double the level they’re talking about.

The report did say that studies showed that the lower level of sodium- 1500 milligrams a day – was linked to harm in some groups.

Just who are these people?

Hold on to your hats: The report states, “ some studies indicate that low sodium intake may lead to greater  risk of adverse health effects in patients who have  a diagnosis of moderate or severe congestive heart  failure and are receiving certain aggressive therapeutic treatments.”

Harmful to those with congestive heart failure? Give me a break.

The committee does  indeed conclude that the evidence supports a  positive relationship between higher levels of  sodium intake and risk of cardiovascular disease.

Health groups, such as the American Heart Association and the Center for Science in the Public Interest,  to name a few,  continue to urge that   mandatory limits on salt in packaged foods be imposed.

As I said, news reports may have a very damaging effect on your health.

Do you  always read beyond the headlines? What do you think about those involving slashing sodium intakes? Please share in the comment section below.

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Author:Rosie Schwartz

Rosie Schwartz is a Toronto-based consulting dietitian and writer.

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